Month: May 2017

A brief history of Memorial Day

In the late 1860s, communities across the U.S. began holding tributes to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. But it is Waterloo, New York, that is accredited as the birthplace of what we refer to today as Memorial Day. The first celebration in Waterloo was on May 5, 1866. Two years to the day later, General John A. Logan proclaimed May 30, 1868, would … Read More

How are you kicking off your summer?

Many consider this weekend the “official unofficial” kickoff to summer. While I hope everyone will take time out to remember and honor those who have died for our country, it is also a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. If you’re having a get together, but aren’t sure what to do while everyone is over, try some of these ideas on for … Read More

The best FCA US vehicles for some summer fun in the sun

Summer is just around the corner and that means road trips to the beach, the lake or wherever you find yourself surrounded by good friends and laughter. And getting there is half the fun. Getting there in the right car is important. Whether you’re in charge of the food, the friends or the festivities, ensuring your vehicle can get the job done is essential. Check … Read More

No time for a weekend road trip? Say it ain’t so!

Tell me if this sounds familiar. It’s Monday morning and you ask a co-worker about his or her weekend. You receive the standard, “Not long enough, man. Weekends just seem to go by way too fast.” You nod and move on to start your day. If this is act one of what seems to be a never-ending play, it’s likely because more often, the work … Read More

Is there a difference between driverless and autonomous vehicles?

According to, the term “science fiction” is a noun that means “fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes …” Or, what we not so long ago, called driverless cars. These days, advancements in technology have driven vehicles that require little or no human interaction to operate them to the forefront of reality. But many confuse driverless … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day from Chrysler Capital

As I prepared to write my Mother’s Day message, I found myself having a difficult time doing so. Why? Because every Mom is different and every mother-child relationship uniquely special. How do you celebrate that with one, all-encompassing message? So, I began looking for inspiration. I thought about by own relationships with both my mom and my daughter. What was the one thing about both … Read More

An ode to the odometer

In celebration of National Odometer Day (yes, it’s actually a “day”), a history of our distance-measuring friend seems appropriate. Attempting to go back and determine the actual origin of the odometer may make your head spin faster than a radar gun could clock it. Was it born in Ancient Greece? Or was it the Romans? What about China? It seems there was record of it … Read More