Month: October 2017

Recharge OR refuel on the way to Sesame Street

Remember when sunny days swept the clouds away? When, for an hour each day, you joined your friends where the air was sweet. Remember getting to Sesame Street? These days, old favorites like Big Bird, Grover and Cookie Monster are still playing, singing and laughing (except Oscar, of course) their way down the old, familiar path. But now they’re also riding in style with a new friend. Dax Shepard and a few members of the cast are taking the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid for a spin. During their ride, a question arises. Should they stop to refuel? Or recharge? The good news is, they’re driving a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, so they can do either! It’s almost like a magic carpet ride and every door opens wide. It can take you where the air is sweet. It can even show you how to get to Sesame Street. Check out all of you favorite Sesame Street characters and their experiences in the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid on the Chrysler YouTube channel.

It’s time to think about getting your vehicle ready for winter

It does not even seem possible. As I sit here in shorts and a T-shirt, trying to keep my hair up off my neck, winter is right around the corner. But it’s true. The days have grown significantly shorter. The leaves are starting to fall. And soon we will be trading in our tank tops for warm, wooly sweaters. At least in the northern parts of the country. Of course, that also means ensuring our vehicles are ready for winter weather. The best option, prior to the first wintery blast, is making an appointment to get your vehicle serviced – especially if you haven’t made it in to say hello to your favorite mechanic recently. When was the last time the antifreeze was flushed? Do you need an oil change? How about your battery – is it getting some age on it? These are all items that are more efficiently handled by professionals who, by the way, also have the means to properly dispose of old fluids and batteries.   Some things you can quickly and easily do on your own, however, include: New windshield wipers – a clear line-of-sight is key to safe driving and removing the winter muck from your windshield is a vital component. As much as I hated admitting it, my husband (boyfriend at the time) … Read More

It’s October 2 and you know what that means! It’s National Name Your Car Day!

I don’t know why I am so entertained by National Name Your Car Day each year, but I think it’s fun. I actually just realized that I’ve had my truck for nearly a year now and have not named her yet. Crazy, I know, and she deserves an original name. I’ll get to work on that. Meanwhile, how about a look back at a few of the most famously (infamously?) named vehicles … Like Christine – a red, 1958 Plymouth Fury. She was a beauty and she self-repaired! But perhaps we could have done without some of her other qualities.   Or, the Bluesmobile – a 1974 Dodge Monaco, complete with the police package. Jake wasn’t initially impressed, but Elwood jumped into action and found a way to win him over.     Then there’s Dixie, one of the many stars in the Dukes of Hazzard motor brigade. A 1980 Jeep® Wrangler CJ-7, you probably remember that Dixie was driven by Cousin Daisy.