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Poking holes in conventional thought

Gone are the days of conventional wisdom in the automotive industry. Now, it’s not about bigger, better, faster so much as it is about smarter. In January 2015, Forbes contributor Karl Brauer published Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020. His article included some predictions that, at the time, may have seemed bold for a five-year forecast, but as we approach the halfway mark, I … Read More

The DFW Auto Show is going on now!

For the first time since I can remember, I’m not going to the Dallas Auto Show. The 1,800-mile commute is a bit too far, but others who have not had the opportunity to go, I know exactly what I’m missing – it’s an auto show like none other I’ve ever attended. First, it’s huge. There are hundreds of vehicles to peruse. In previous years, I’ve … Read More

Insert coin for your next … car?

Vending machines – the delightful (or evil, depending on your perspective), big box in your break room that, in exchange for some loose change, a dollar bill (or two) or a swipe of your card, will produce delicious, albeit not generally nutritious, snacks. In the last several years, other products have joined the ranks of candy bars and chips. From gadgets to umbrellas to cars, … Read More

Yes, you can do one-stop auto shopping

Are you a comparison shopper? Who isn’t these days, right? But comparison shopping can take a lot of time. Especially, if you are looking for a new car. If only there was a single place where you could go and look at every single vehicle that you’re considering. If only … Oh wait! It sounds like an auto show might be exactly what you need. … Read More

Spotlight on a commitment to customer service

Recently, I had an opportunity to review feedback from Chrysler Capital customers. As you can guess, most provided advice regarding areas of opportunity in which we can improve, which is great. Without constructive feedback, we would not have the direction necessary to continue striving to be a best-in-class auto finance provider. Among the reviews were also entries from those who were anxious to let us … Read More

Do you use the technology available in your vehicle?

Technology is a funny thing. We seem to want more of it. Most of us marvel over gadgets and gizmos and anxiously await announcements of “the next big thing.” We look for ways to make them work everywhere we go. But what about when it comes to our vehicles? Is technology really all it’s cracked up to be? J.D. Power recently released the results of … Read More

Millennials turn to leasing as they return to the market

Millennials, once known as the most hesitant shoppers in the auto industry, are increasingly turning to leasing versus buying according to The car-shopping site recently conducted a survey of Millennials and found that leasing accounted for 28.9 percent of all new-car volume for shoppers aged 18 to 34 so far this year. This reflects a 46 percent overall increase in leasing by Millennials in … Read More

Orange is not the new black in car colors

If you have been shackled to the Internet, waiting for the Netflix-sensation “Orange is the New Black” to return, your sentence is up.  The breakout, largely inappropriate, award-winning show is launching into season three on June 12. Now that we know that orange is the hot color for correctional wear, what about cars? According to, white is the new black when it comes to … Read More

Which online options are worth your time?

With so many online options available to shoppers these days, how do you know which give you the most bang for your buck? According to the J.D. Power 2015 Third-Party Automotive Website Evaluation Study℠, if you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, NADAguides is worth your time. Measuring 5,000 user’s experiences on a 1,000-point scale, the study targets four critical areas of … Read More