Car Leases

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Can you return a leased vehicle early?

A common myth of leasing is that, once you sign a contract, you are committed to the vehicle until the terms of the contract are completed. The truth is, you can turn in a leased vehicle early. You can also trade the vehicle, sometimes also called a lease-buyout and sale. Is it better to fulfill the terms of your lease contract? Yes. But sometimes circumstances … Read More

What is a disposition fee on a Lease Contract?

In a previous post on how auto leasing worked, one of our “Terms to Know” was Disposition Fee. It was defined as: “Charged by some lessors for the privilege of returning the vehicle and walking away; the cost is spelled out in the Lease Contract, so you will know upfront how much it will be.” Simply put, the disposition fee is charged by the lessor … Read More

How does negotiating in auto leasing work?

  There’s a common misconception that the auto leasing process is not negotiable. While leasing can be significantly different from traditional financing, when it comes to negotiations, the two are quite similar in certain ways. For example, the price of the vehicle and your trade-in, if you have one, are frequently items you can negotiate. Trade-in value Let’s talk about your trade first. You need … Read More

How does auto leasing work?

An auto lease is where you pay for the use of a vehicle for a certain amount of time determined by your contract. Once the Lease Contract is completed, the vehicle is returned. But how does auto leasing work? If you’ve purchased a vehicle using traditional financing before, lease can be quite different. There are some terms to know and factors to consider when trying … Read More

Leasing vs. buying – here’s what sold me

Recently, someone mentioned something to me about a post I scraped together a LONG time ago – four years and nearly six months ago, in fact. The mention made me want to go back and take a look, which of course I did, and I am excited to report back to you that Leasing vs. Buying – why is it a question? is as relevant … Read More

Don’t miss the boat – auto leasing is HOT

Much like our summertime temperatures, leasing is HOT. The latest State of the Automotive Finance Market report shows leasing at an all-time high for the first quarter of 2015. It’s easy to see why. During the same period last year, the average monthly lease payment dropped $7 and credit requirements relaxed as the average score of lessees dropped by three points. Leasing continues to be … Read More

Auto leasing on the rise, reaches all-time high

The first quarter of 2015 saw leasing reach an all-time high. According to Experian Automotive, 31.46 percent of new vehicles financed during the first three months of the year were leased. Auto leasing has been on the rise for the last couple of years. While industry experts agreed the trend would continue, reaching percentages in the high 20s in the next two years, few guessed … Read More

How long can I lease a car?

For those who regularly choose to lease their vehicles, one of the distinct advantages over traditional financing is the shorter terms that go along with leasing. There are many benefits that go hand in hand with a short-term contract, and we’ll get to some of those in a bit. But the first step is determining the contract term that is best for you. Ask yourself, … Read More