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FCA US LLC brand vehicles drive active lifestyles

It seems like every time I turn around I’m reading something about enjoying a more active lifestyle. Maybe it has something to do with the area in which I live. Maybe it’s because I have an 11-year-old and keeping up with her can be challenging. Maybe it’s simply because I’m nearing one of those “milestone” birthdays and slowing down now just isn’t in my vocabulary. In any case, staying active, becoming more active requires the tools to do so, right? I’m not talking about expensive gym equipment or memberships, although that’s an avenue you can take. But, depending on the activity you enjoy most, you may need anything from a good pair of hiking shoes to a rugged mountain bike to a quality kayak. When all is said and done, though, how are you going to get to the mountain hike or carry your kayak to the river or even haul your bike to the trails? If you’re an active person with an active lifestyle, ensuring your vehicle can take you where you want to go while easily transporting the equipment you need is essential. That’s why initiated the Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) concept and began acknowledging cars, trucks and SUVs that best suit the needs of active adults. Now in its 14th year, the ALV awards were recently … Read More

Meet Foley – a pint-sized future superdog

This is Foley.     He’s cute, right? As a growing puppy, Foley is very busy these days. But not for the reasons you might expect. You see, Foley is part of the Give a Dog a Job campaign. So, besides eating and playing as all puppies do, Foley is hard at work each day, learning how he can one day help his human. Who is his lucky human, you ask? That is yet to be determined. Currently, Foley is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy. As he grows, he will learn approximately 40 commands that will eventually help his human experience independence on a level he or she may have never thought possible. Canine Companions dogs are professionally trained to assist people with disabilities, helping with things like opening doors, turning off lights and even pulling manual wheelchairs.     The Chrysler brand is partnering with Canine Companions for Independence to help bring more awareness to the Give a Dog a Job campaign. “Through our partnership with Canine Companions for Independence, the Chrysler brand is able to help bring awareness to its Give a Dog a Job program through our new online social initiative,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Cars, Dodge, SRT®, Chrysler and FIAT®, FCA North America. “As we follow Foley through his journey, fans will get … Read More

Chrysler Capital focuses on the best and the brightest

  As a lease draws to its end, the prospect of lease turn-in and all that goes with it can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. The goal of the Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team is to guide customers and dealers through a smooth, stress-free lease-end transition. Available to answer questions, schedule inspections and a multitude of other lease-end related activities, the Allegiance Team is the first point of contact for all things related to lease-end. Meet two of the best and the brightest of the all-new Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team – Lease Coordinators Sherin Thomas and Betty Barley. A native Texan and tenured auto finance associate, Sherin Thomas was among the first to join the Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team. Her background and knowledge of leases, paired with her exceptional customer service skills, made her an ideal candidate for the position. Team manager Richard Brevard is excited to be working with Sherin. “Her tone and calming presence on the phone is a major benefit,” he said. “And her lease knowledge has also made the transition easy for her.” Self-motivated and always prepared to give it her all, Sherin is quick to take ownership of her work. She takes pride in letting her work speak for her. But life isn’t all work and no play. Work-life balance is important to … Read More

Chrysler Capital is committed to bringing you the best

  Today’s world is fast-paced. The ability to actively listen while thinking quickly on your feet, ask applicable follow-up questions and apply a vast bank of knowledge regarding all things Chrysler Capital sounds like a lot to do all at once. Working in a call center can be challenging. You must be able to remain focused while things are going on around you all day long. For superstar performers like Brittany Smith, it’s just another day on the Chrysler Capital Customer Service Team in North Richland Hills, Texas. Recently, Brittany was named Employee of the Month for the Chrysler Capital Customer Service Department. Not to be taken lightly, the Employee of the Month award is based on performance, dependability, attitude and overall contribution to the customer service team. Nominated associates are then voted on by the department managers. Originally from Prince Georges, Maryland, Brittany swiftly moved to the top of the ranks as a Chrysler Capital customer service representative. She joined Team Clark just two and a half months ago, after learning the auto finance ropes as an account manager for Chrysler Capital’s parent company, Santander Consumer USA. “Brittany is always eager to learn more, help her peers and management, volunteer for extra tasks, work overtime and she motivates herself to do better every month, setting small goals for herself,” … Read More

Chrysler Capital associates will make you smile

Chrysler Capital associates will make you smile

  Have you ever talked to someone over the phone whose personality was so infectious you could actually feel her smile through the phone line? Such is the case with two of the Chrysler Capital originations associates – Sheanette Leonard in the funding department and Sheila Sasser in the credit department.   In just under one and a half years, Sheanette has proven an invaluable member of the department. She understands the importance of her team’s success and is quick to reprioritize her personal goals when necessary to help in areas where she can make a difference. Tackling each day determined to make it better than the last, her captivating disposition shines through in everything she does. “Sheanette has a winning personality,” says team manager Bianca Lee. “In every conversation she displays a positive attitude that makes it easy for the person on the other end of the line to connect.” Traveling is a favorite pastime of Sheanette’s when she’s not at work. Most recently, she visited Cancun, Mexico, with plans to travel to the Dominican Republic next year. And on the horizon, a trip to Paris, France, where she can practice her love for the French language.   When you’re a buyer, you spend long hours on the phone, finding ways to help put deals together. Most of the … Read More

Chrysler Capital spotlight on the best of the best

From the initiation of an application to the funding of a contract, the Chrysler Capital originations team is the driving force that makes things happen. Credit and funding analysts work diligently every day to ensure applications are handled securely, efficiently and accurately. Meet two of our top players, credit analyst Mindy and funding analyst Violeta. A 10-year veteran, Mindy has spent the majority of her tenure working with dealers as a buyer in the credit department. Mindy was among the first to move when the Chrysler Capital division was born. In her position as a Southwest region buyer for nearly 18 months, she comes to work every day with a smile for everyone with whom she comes in contact. Her manager Kevin agrees. “Mindy engages every call with a smile which sets the tone for a positive dealer experience. [Her] sunny disposition and willingness to help her teammates is a shining example for others.” Outside of work, Mindy is currently enjoying her favorite time of year – for all of the reasons you might expect. But most importantly because it’s football season, of course! On any given Sunday, you will catch her yelling at her television, just like any good football fan, and probably enjoying some good old-fashioned Tex-Mex. Violeta has been part of the Chrysler Capital funding department for … Read More

Chrysler Capital associates participate in Dallas Heart Walk

Last Saturday, nearly 70,000 walkers lined up to march through the streets of downtown Dallas on a three-mile hike. What kind of event could cause such a ruckus? The Dallas Heart Walk, of course – and as part of Santander Consumer USA (SC), Chrysler Capital associates were right in the middle of it all. Touted as the largest Heart Walk in the country, the 2014 Dallas goal was $5.5 million. Current standings reflect over $5.2 million collected with donations still being collected. Associates from five SC locations participated this year with an overall goal of $32,500. The Denver team participated in the Denver Heart Walk earlier this year when they rallied in June. The remaining four locations, Dallas-Stemmons, Thanksgiving Tower, Lewisville and North Richland Hills, were represented at the Dallas Heart Walk. When all is said and done, SC will have nearly doubled its goal. “The unofficial total at this time is $48,114.19,” said Kate Gatlin, Corporate Communication Specialist. “That does not include some money that has been turned in at Thanksgiving Tower so we are probably closer to $50,000. I think that it is safe to say that we have far exceeded our goal.” But those are just the Dallas numbers. Add to that the $9,000 raised by the Denver office and total SC fundraising for the event will … Read More

Leasing vs. Buying – Choose What Suits Your Lifestyle

When it comes time to start shopping for your next vehicle, are you going to shop for the best finance offers or are you going to investigate what kind of lease options are available? There are a lot of things to take into consideration. The infographic below provides a snapshot to get you started in the leasing vs. buying decision-making process. Chrysler Capital has competitive financing rates and flexible lease options. You can apply for financing online or visit your dealer to learn more about leasing with Chrysler Capital.

Making Moments: How Owning a Car is More Than Just…Owning a Car

It’s not just a car. Someone said something similar to this to me recently and the discussion that ensued immediately after really made me think. It’s only five words, but put together in the context that they were presented…well, they took on a meaning I can honestly say I have never considered in the 13 years I have been in the auto industry. In some instances, owning a car is about much more than just the freedom of being able to drive wherever people want to go. For some, it means they won’t lose their job because now they will be able to get to work on time. For others, maybe it’s a second vehicle that means they don’t have to schedule one another’s lives around who can have the car at what time. Or maybe it’s something as simple as being able to get groceries without having to lug them all onto a bus full of waiting passengers and then carry them home from the bus stop. I remember from my days in a dealership, the smiles on customers’ faces when they were handed the keys to a vehicle that was just waiting on them to drive it home. And there were times, when I was a credit analyst that I could hear the customers’ excitement in the background … Read More