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FCA US LLC brand vehicles drive active lifestyles

It seems like every time I turn around I’m reading something about enjoying a more active lifestyle. Maybe it has something to do with the area in which I live. Maybe it’s because I have an 11-year-old and keeping up with her can be challenging. Maybe it’s simply because I’m nearing one of those “milestone” birthdays and slowing down now just isn’t in my vocabulary. … Read More

From all of us to all of you, Happy Labor Day!

In 1894, Congress officially made the first Monday of September each year a legal holiday that celebrates the American worker. Over the years, it also has come to signify the official end of summer. Today, we join you in celebrating the American workforce and we hope the summer of 2017 brought you tons of fun in the sun. Happy Labor Day everyone!  

A brief history of Memorial Day

In the late 1860s, communities across the U.S. began holding tributes to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. But it is Waterloo, New York, that is accredited as the birthplace of what we refer to today as Memorial Day. The first celebration in Waterloo was on May 5, 1866. Two years to the day later, General John A. Logan proclaimed May 30, 1868, would … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day from Chrysler Capital

As I prepared to write my Mother’s Day message, I found myself having a difficult time doing so. Why? Because every Mom is different and every mother-child relationship uniquely special. How do you celebrate that with one, all-encompassing message? So, I began looking for inspiration. I thought about by own relationships with both my mom and my daughter. What was the one thing about both … Read More

Another look at The Road Ahead

New Year’s Day is right around the corner. Have you made your resolution(s) yet? Are you debating about sticking with the same old thing or choosing a more unique goal? If you’re contemplating something a bit more original, allow me to recommend reading your favorite Chrysler Capital blog on a more regular basis. Or, just revisit some of your old favorites. For example, Is your … Read More