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Hello! Welcome to the Chrysler Capital blog!

Wait! Before you roll your eyes and close the very first entry, thinking I’m just another car guy, writing another stale, boring blog about cars and how to finance them, allow me to point out one, important item—I am not a guy. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk a little bit about Chrysler Capital. We officially hit the ground running May 1, 2013, and we haven’t slowed down for a moment. If you pay attention to the auto finance world, you know that already. What you don’t see from the outside are people like Jennifer, a Senior Product Manager, who worked closely with Chrysler Capital’s software designers to create the systems necessary to approve a deal and fund a contract. “Even though we were working fast, we still had to step back and think, ‘Is this really something the user will like? Will it be user friendly? What are the potential issues?’ Ultimately, the end product turned out very good and if issues arise, we are there to figure it out and quickly turn it around for the business.” Terrance, now a Credit Department Team Lead, used those systems to approve the very first deal for Chrysler Capital. Reminiscing about it now, he shakes his head and quietly chuckles. At the time, he was simply doing his … Read More