A simple thank you

Thank you to all those who have served. Thank you to the families who have sacrificed. Today and every day, we celebrate the men and women who have made, and continue every day, to make this country great. Thank you.

Look no further – we’ve got your last-minute Thanksgiving Day ideas

My daughter is traveling to Dallas for Thanksgiving this year. We knew this and planned her travel well in advance, but airline ticket pricing and the lack of available seats was astonishing. I don’t know why I was so shocked. I know it’s the most traveled holiday of the year. Airports, bus stations, highways … every means of transportation will be congested as Americans make their way to visit friends and family for this beloved holiday. With Turkey Day only two weeks away, are you finding yourself scrambling to make last-minute arrangements for your holiday fun? Or perhaps you just learned that you have some extra time off and have decided to take a last-minute trip? Did you just now, as you read this, realize it’s only two weeks away? Last-minute travel doesn’t have to be a headache. If booking airline tickets isn’t in the cards, why not consider a nearby tour of all things Thanksgiving? You never know what might be in your own backyard. Try, for example, visiting any one of the number of cities named for the traditional representations of Thanksgiving Day. Here are just a few: Thanksgiving, Maryland Pilgrim – located in Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Texas Turkey – choose from Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia Cranberry – Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania … Read More

The ABCs of Halloween safety

It’s important to remember that fun and safety go hand-in-hand! Enjoy Halloween this year with these easy-to-remember safety tips: Always stay with your group. Be aware of your surroundings. Carry a bucket or a bag in which to store your treats! Dark houses are a “no-go”! Eat your candy only after a parent has checked it. Fire retardant costumes are the best kind to have! Great costumes allow you to see clearly. Have FUN! Include adults as part of your trick-or-treating group. Join in the fun – attend a Halloween party or local event in lieu of trick or treating this year! Keep an eye out for others in your group. Look both ways before you cross any street. Masks that fit properly so you can see where you’re going are cool and fun! Nighttime can make it difficult to see – be extra cautious of those who may not see you. Omit homemade treats. Plan a route in advance. Quiz each other on your route and where to meet if you get separated ahead of time. Rally points are a great idea if you have a large group that splits into smaller groups. Shoes should be comfortable enough for plenty of walking. Tie your shoelaces so you’re sure not to trip! Understand your route before you leave. Visit homes … Read More

Football season is here!

September is the start of fall, fall means football and football is BACK! Tonight kicks off the 2017 season and I could not be more excited. (Well, maybe if my team were playing, but I digress …) That means it’s time for some lip-smacking, tailgating fun along with some good-natured smack-talk between fans of rival teams. It’s time for armchair quarterbackin’. It’s time for yelling at the top of your lungs from the middle of your living room as your dog looks at you like you’ve lost your mind. Yes, people, it is football time in America. The. Wait. Is. Over.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Labor Day!

In 1894, Congress officially made the first Monday of September each year a legal holiday that celebrates the American worker. Over the years, it also has come to signify the official end of summer. Today, we join you in celebrating the American workforce and we hope the summer of 2017 brought you tons of fun in the sun. Happy Labor Day everyone!  

Sleep peacefully under the stars with Skycamp

When you think of the roof of your vehicle, you may think open air, sunshine and freedom. Or extra cargo space. Have you ever looked at the roof of your vehicle and thought to yourself, “Self, that looks like some mighty comfy sleeping accommodations right there.” No? Me either. But Soon Park did. Inspiration fueled by authors Jack Kerouac (On the Road) and Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House) and his passion for traveling helped Park make his dream a reality. Today, he is the founder of iKamper, rooftop tents for adventurous souls. “The idea of having my own private room that takes me to all mysterious lands and unrevealed places fascinates me even now. iKamper roof top tents make dreams come true. With your little tree house on top of your car, you can go anywhere – strange lands and unknown places,” says Park. “iKamper roof top tents take campers away from their daily routine into nature where they can see another part of themselves and embrace people and nature. With iKamper roof top tents, campers take a journey back to their childhood.” But why a roof top tent? Wouldn’t it be equally convenient to just pull a travel trailer? Or an old-fashioned, sleep-on-the-ground tent? First, do you want to sleep on the ground? And have you ever tried … Read More

How far would you drive for your favorite coffee?

Coffee. I don’t think I realized quite how much I valued my morning walk to Starbucks until I moved away from “the big city.” Even if I had a deadline, or was just plain lazy and didn’t feel like going out for a steaming cup, the coffee bar on my office floor was a perfect pit stop for a personalized morning jolt. These days, the closest Starbucks is 20+ miles away. Not exactly within walking distance. So, this got me to thinking, exactly how far would I go for my favorite cup of morning Joe? If 20 miles is too far, is 10 miles pushing the limit? What about five miles? Surely five miles is acceptable for a cup of that divine decadence that gets me going in the morning, right? We have a few cafes in town that have decent coffee, two national chains with adequate coffee (truth be told, I’d rather just have coffee at home) and a regional chain that is my first choice, if the short drive to town is all the farther I’d care to venture. Recently, I’ve learned the next town over is home to a coffee and crêperie with coffee that’s worth going the extra mile. The opportunity to visit has not crossed my path yet, but I have the feeling that, when … Read More

Happy Father’s Day from Chrysler Capital!

It’s Dad’s Day! That wonderful day of the year when Dad gets to put his feet up, relax with the beverage of his choice and watch the game. Wait … that’s football season. To all the dads out there, no matter how you’re spending it, we hope you’re having the best day possible. Happy Father’s Day!