Football season is here!

September is the start of fall, fall means football and football is BACK! Tonight kicks off the 2017 season and I could not be more excited. (Well, maybe if my team were playing, but I digress …) That means it’s time for some lip-smacking, tailgating fun along with some good-natured smack-talk between fans of rival teams. It’s time for armchair quarterbackin’. It’s time for yelling at the top of your lungs from the middle of your living room as your dog looks at you like you’ve lost your mind. Yes, people, it is football time in America. The. Wait. Is. Over.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Labor Day!

In 1894, Congress officially made the first Monday of September each year a legal holiday that celebrates the American worker. Over the years, it also has come to signify the official end of summer. Today, we join you in celebrating the American workforce and we hope the summer of 2017 brought you tons of fun in the sun. Happy Labor Day everyone!  

Sleep peacefully under the stars with Skycamp

When you think of the roof of your vehicle, you may think open air, sunshine and freedom. Or extra cargo space. Have you ever looked at the roof of your vehicle and thought to yourself, “Self, that looks like some mighty comfy sleeping accommodations right there.” No? Me either. But Soon Park did. Inspiration fueled by authors Jack Kerouac (On the Road) and Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House) and his passion for traveling helped Park make his dream a reality. Today, he is the founder of iKamper, rooftop tents for adventurous souls. “The idea of having my own private room that takes me to all mysterious lands and unrevealed places fascinates me even now. iKamper roof top tents make dreams come true. With your little tree house on top of your car, you can go anywhere – strange lands and unknown places,” says Park. “iKamper roof top tents take campers away from their daily routine into nature where they can see another part of themselves and embrace people and nature. With iKamper roof top tents, campers take a journey back to their childhood.” But why a roof top tent? Wouldn’t it be equally convenient to just pull a travel trailer? Or an old-fashioned, sleep-on-the-ground tent? First, do you want to sleep on the ground? And have you ever tried … Read More

How far would you drive for your favorite coffee?

Coffee. I don’t think I realized quite how much I valued my morning walk to Starbucks until I moved away from “the big city.” Even if I had a deadline, or was just plain lazy and didn’t feel like going out for a steaming cup, the coffee bar on my office floor was a perfect pit stop for a personalized morning jolt. These days, the closest Starbucks is 20+ miles away. Not exactly within walking distance. So, this got me to thinking, exactly how far would I go for my favorite cup of morning Joe? If 20 miles is too far, is 10 miles pushing the limit? What about five miles? Surely five miles is acceptable for a cup of that divine decadence that gets me going in the morning, right? We have a few cafes in town that have decent coffee, two national chains with adequate coffee (truth be told, I’d rather just have coffee at home) and a regional chain that is my first choice, if the short drive to town is all the farther I’d care to venture. Recently, I’ve learned the next town over is home to a coffee and crêperie with coffee that’s worth going the extra mile. The opportunity to visit has not crossed my path yet, but I have the feeling that, when … Read More

Happy Father’s Day from Chrysler Capital!

It’s Dad’s Day! That wonderful day of the year when Dad gets to put his feet up, relax with the beverage of his choice and watch the game. Wait … that’s football season. To all the dads out there, no matter how you’re spending it, we hope you’re having the best day possible. Happy Father’s Day!

Slow down. Move over.

Not long ago, a friend of mine found herself on the side of a busy highway with a flat tire. It was rush hour. Roadside assistance arrived on scene quickly to help get her back on the road. Upon arrival, the roadside assistance worker, with lights flashing, positioned the truck at an angle, protecting her from oncoming traffic. He then instructed her to remain inside her vehicle so she would remain as safe as possible. She did as she was told. As she watched the traffic continue to zoom past without slowing or moving over to the next lane, she became acutely aware of the danger he put himself in to help her. Frustrated with what she saw, she commented that she couldn’t believe how rude people were being as they passed. But the roadside assistance worker wasn’t surprised. He told her it was rare that someone slowed or moved to the next lane, despite the fact that it was the law to do so. A law? Really? Isn’t it just common courtesy? In fact, no. It is the law. And in 2015, just two, short years ago, a poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research revealed that 71 percent had never heard of “Move Over” laws, despite the fact that all 50 states have enacted them. The Move … Read More

A brief history of Memorial Day

In the late 1860s, communities across the U.S. began holding tributes to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. But it is Waterloo, New York, that is accredited as the birthplace of what we refer to today as Memorial Day. The first celebration in Waterloo was on May 5, 1866. Two years to the day later, General John A. Logan proclaimed May 30, 1868, would be a national day of remembrance, dubbing it Decoration Day. Over the years, Decoration Day gradually became more widely known as Memorial Day. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by Congress in 1968 changed the observance of Memorial Day from May 30 to the last Monday of May. This, however, did not go into effect until 1971, when Memorial Day was officially declared a federal holiday. You can read more about the history of Memorial Day at History.com. For now, please simply join us in honoring those who have served. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Happy Mother’s Day from Chrysler Capital

As I prepared to write my Mother’s Day message, I found myself having a difficult time doing so. Why? Because every Mom is different and every mother-child relationship uniquely special. How do you celebrate that with one, all-encompassing message? So, I began looking for inspiration. I thought about by own relationships with both my mom and my daughter. What was the one thing about both of them that was also true about every other mother-child relationship in the world? And then, I found it. Purely by accident, while I was searching Pinterest for something new and different to make for dinner, there was my answer. The one, universal truth about Mom. Nothing is ever actually lost, until Mom can’t find it. To all the moms around the world, may your Mother’s Day be as special as you are every day the whole year through. Happy Mother’s Day.

Sure to be a hit this Sunday: Tailbacks and tail wags

Can you believe it’s Super Bowl weekend already? Man, it seems like football season flew by faster than a pass from Matt Stafford. Whether Super Bowl LI finds you cheering for Atlanta or New England, there is always one part of the experience that brings both sides together. The 13th annual Puppy Bowl. You thought I was going to say the commercials, didn’t you? Well, we’ll get to those in just a minute. But first, the “biggest game in adoption” and quite possibly a better predictor of the actual game than many of the so-called experts. The starting lineup for Team Fluff includes Alexander Hamilpup, Peanut and Stretch. Team Ruff, on the other hand, has Beebop, Puddles and Squirt to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Together, Team Fluff and Team Ruff are comprised of 39 puppies from 34 different animal shelters stretching across 22 states. With a special appearance by Punxsutawney Phil, chinchilla mascots and the Kitty Half-Time Show, this precursor to Super Bowl LI may be three hours of cuteness that will have you dialing up the local shelter. Tune in to Animal Planet at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT for pregame, with kickoff scheduled for 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT. You can also “meet” the players by visiting AnimalPlanet.com. Now, about those commercials … As with … Read More