The impact of OneRepublic partnering with FCA US LLC

A few years ago, I took a girl out on a date to a OneRepublic concert.

Well, sort of.

A week before, I took this same girl on a first date. We had some pizza and frozen yogurt. I told some bad jokes. She laughed at a couple. It went pretty well.

It just so happened that this girl had tickets to see OneRepublic and her friend had dropped out at the last minute. So after our first date, I got an invite to go to the concert with her and some friends.

In a way, this girl took me on a date.

We go to the concert, and I meet a few of her friends and become curious if I’m gaining their approval or not. The show got better with each song, and by the end I thought to myself that my date was pretty special and if nothing else, I definitely wanted to see her again.

That OneRepublic show is my favorite concert of all time for a couple of reasons.

  1. The girl and I are now married.
  2. We used OneRepublic for our first dance at our wedding.
Source: Billboard, Credit: FCA US LLC/Jeremy Jackson

Needless to say, OneRepublic has made quite the impact on fans and in the music scene ever since their first major single, “Apologize,” hit the airwaves over a decade ago. As the industry’s evolved, so has the band, and the latest showing of that came with OneRepublic’s partnership with FCA US LLC.

Most recently, FCA US LLC highlighted the band in their Summer of Jeep® series to tout the automotive brand’s Apple CarPlay feature that allows drivers to do anything from their dashboard that they can do from their iPhone. The series also doubled as the release of OneRepublic’s new hit single, “Connection.”

In a feature on OneRepublic’s lead singer, Ryan Tedder, and FCA US LLC, Olivier Francois, FCA US LLC’s chief marketing officer, called music “the best return on investment of Planet Marketing.”

In an interview in the same article, Tedder explained the inspiration behind the new single.

“The whole album is steering towards connection,” Tedder said. “It’s about wanting real human connection in a meaningful way, because that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.”

By affiliating and being featured in the Jeep brand campaign, Tedder and his band will be able to reach an audience far wider than through traditional radio or streams such as Spotify.

“If I’m being real, there’s obviously an enormous gap between a song that sells two or three million copies or streams or whatever and one that is a true groundbreaking record hit,” Tedder said. “And this truly fell in our lap. This gets me in people’s houses.”

Their partnerships hope to start the next chapter of what has been a memorable career for OneRepublic. The band’s first foray in music licensing, Tedder says, came when their single, “Secrets,” was used as the official brand ambassador of Ralph Lauren fragrances and was used for two years. Hopefully the same results can come with “Connection.”

“The blessing is when it’s good, it keeps going,” Tedder said. “Tying back to Jeep [brand], having this authentically line up in a way that fits them, and makes us and them look good, this is functioning as that cultural ignition.

Along with OneRepublic, FCA US LLC revealed other new campaigns including pairing Dodge with Alice Cooper, Ram Trucks with Brothers Osborne, FIAT® with DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges, and Chrysler Pacifica with actress Kathryn Hahn.

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