When was the last time you visited the Ram Trucks YouTube channel?

I am so lucky. I actually have a job that PAYS me to watch YouTube. How cool is that?

If you are not so lucky, but do spend some time watching videos online, checking out the Ram Trucks YouTube channel is definitely worth your time. While it does have helpful information for anyone in the market for a Ram truck, it also has stories from real-life Ram owners, like Kim and David who have put 1.4 million miles on their 2007 Ram 3500.

And Ram owners who have banded together to make a difference.

There are hard-working Ram owners who understand that even the toughest jobs can be fun. (Part of Ram’s salute to everyday workers from the 2016 American Music Awards.)

If you need something to make you smile, catch The Winch It! Brothers. One (more more!) of their Power Wagon posts is sure to cause a chuckle or two.

And, of course, there are the classics. The ones that inspire. The ones that tug at heart strings. The ones we’ll never forget.