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Leasing vs. buying – here’s what sold me

Recently, someone mentioned something to me about a post I scraped together a LONG time ago – four years and nearly six months ago, in fact. The mention made me want to go back and take a look, which of course I did, and I am excited to report back to you that Leasing vs. Buying – why is it a question? is as relevant … Read More

Choosing the right car for a new driver

What happens when it comes time to purchase a vehicle for a new driver? Do you run out to buy the fanciest, most expensive vehicle on the lot? Probably not. Instead, hopefully, you’ve done research and have already taken into consideration things like the price, your budget and the cost-to-own. Once you get past that, though, it’s time for the fun part – shopping and … Read More

The good, the bad and the real deal of used car shopping

Let’s talk used car shopping. I know, I know. Yuck. But let’s do it anyway, just for a little while. Why? Because all good things must come to an end and as leases expire, quality used cars are hitting the market. According to Automotive Lease Guide, three million off-lease cars were returned last year and an estimated 3.5 million are expected this year. Have you … Read More

Great used vehicles for under $10,000

The thought of buying a used vehicle can send chills up the spine of some car shoppers. Don’t even go down the road of buying an older or high-mileage car. That could cause instant heartburn. But the hard, cold truth is, not everyone can afford a new vehicle. Nor is a new vehicle appropriate or necessary for every situation. Luckily, there are used vehicles in … Read More

Another look at The Road Ahead

New Year’s Day is right around the corner. Have you made your resolution(s) yet? Are you debating about sticking with the same old thing or choosing a more unique goal? If you’re contemplating something a bit more original, allow me to recommend reading your favorite Chrysler Capital blog on a more regular basis. Or, just revisit some of your old favorites. For example, Is your … Read More

It IS possible to get a good deal on a used car

  I rarely write about preowned vehicles (aka used cars). In fact, a cursory review of previous posts and it doesn’t appear that I’ve written any at all. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in high-quality preowned vehicles. And it certainly doesn’t mean I only buy new vehicles. On the contrary, I’ve purchased more used vehicles over the years than new and with very … Read More

Will your vehicle cost you money?

Every year about this time I talk about the overall cost of owning a vehicle. Why? Several reasons, actually. The first step of vehicle ownership is getting that great deal when you make your purchase. But that is not the end-all-be-all of vehicle ownership. It’s tax refund time and there are some great deals on vehicles right now. But beyond the dealership, there are things … Read More

Cash down makes sense – dollars and cents

Every year about this time the Internet is flush with articles about how to best utilize your tax return. In an effort to provide you with new and different material on this subject, I came to the conclusion that you can read every article from every “expert” you can find on the subject. Go ahead. Read until your heart’s content. In the end, only you … Read More

What do I do if my vehicle is recalled?

  You received a recall notice. Now what? First, don’t ignore the recall notice. It may seem like an inconvenience to have to take your vehicle in to have it fixed. Tossing the notice aside and forgetting about it may seem easier. But the notification was issued for a reason so taking care of it as quickly as possible is important. Making consumers aware of … Read More