Our country is in pain. The shocking death of George Floyd has understandably caused anguish, fear and frustration, especially for people of color. It is a stark reminder that there is work left to do in our quest to be an inclusive and safe society. We must not allow this and other tragic and senseless deaths to divide us, but instead use this as a moment of awakening and a catalyst for renewing our efforts to unite around a common goal of ridding our country of racism and social injustice and creating a community where all of us are treated as equals.

Chrysler Capital stands today and always as one family, united in our support of each other and appreciative of our differences. Our greatest asset as a company is our diversity, and we are committed to an inclusive environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We must continue to listen to each other and be thoughtful and respectful in not just our words, but our actions. At Chrysler Capital, we value different opinions, perspectives and beliefs. We seek constructive ways to support our communities, customers, dealers and colleagues and make a positive impact where we live and work.

By pulling together, showing respect and not turning a blind eye to injustice, we can work toward a better and stronger America.

Respectfully yours,
Mahesh Aditya
President and CEO
Santander Consumer USA