The 2018 Dodge Durango SRT® stands on top of the mountain. The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP) association awarded America’s most powerful three-row SUV as its 2018 Crossover of the Year. The award was selected by RMAP members – all automotive journalists in the Rocky Mountain region, including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Dozens of new or significantly updated vehicles for 2018 were evaluated, determining which model best fit the “Rocky Mountain lifestyle.” The Dodge Durango SRT’s total package of a powerful engine, advanced technology capabilities and exterior performance features made it stand above the rest of the other candidates. Whether on the highway or taking it off-road, this Dodge SUV thrives in the Rocky Mountains. With a 392-cubic-inch HEMI® V-8 engine, the Durango SRT reaches 0-60 miles per hour (mph) in 4.4 seconds, and accomplished a National Hot Rod Association-certified quarter-mile time of 12.9 seconds. The award-winning vehicle also matches its speed with power, out-hauling every three-row SUV on the road with best-in-class towing capability of 8,700 pounds. This honor comes after the Dodge Durango SRT made the Wards 10 Best User Experience List for 2017 for its array of advanced technology features, including a class-exclusive 8.4-inch touchscreen and ability to support smartphone integrations of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. “The 2018 Dodge Durango SRT … Read More

Go on a virtual reality surf adventure with Jeep® brand and World Surf League

“It’s pretty incredible knowing my mom can now experience riding a 20-foot wave.” That’s what Taylor Steele, co-director of world-renowned production, Rapid VR, said upon the announcement of a new virtual reality (VR) experience by Jeep® brand and the World Surf League (WSL). The new production titled “Jeep Sessions: A Surfing Journey in 360°” follows WSL Championship Tour surfers Jordy Smith and Malia Manuel as they take their Jeep brand vehicles to find the best and largest waves to surf. Viewers will be completely immersed in the first-person, 360-degree experience, putting them on the surfboard alongside Smith or Manuel. “This was a special project to be a part of, and I am excited for the world to experience the journey with us,” said Smith. “It is incredible to see all the innovation that goes in behind-the-scenes to bring to life such a unique perspective of our surfing experience. When you’re surfing, many people just see the endgame, but it’s the whole adventure to find great waves with a friend. When you do, it’s the best feeling in the world.” The team at Rapid VR accomplished the experience by customizing rigs to place the 360-degree video camera into locations never before seen. Taking the journey alongside Smith and Manuel, both Jeep brand ambassadors, viewers get the option to choose their exploration … Read More

Which late-night TV host would you trust to work on your car?

If you need to have your car fixed, you obviously want to take it to a place you can trust. Well, what if during the search for a repair shop, you discovered the only options for a mechanic are late-night TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and James Corden? I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to just search “How to fix a car” on YouTube and tried to figure it out on your own. But if the do-it-yourself option wasn’t available, which late-night host would you go with? The same question was asked when the non-profit Car Care Council surveyed over 20,000 vehicle owners to promote April’s National Car Care Month. The results came in and showed that either Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon are the most trustworthy hosts, or men named “Jimmy” seem to know more about cars. In the end, ABC’s lead late-night host took the victory by just a fraction of a percent.   FINAL RESULTS: Jimmy Kimmel 27.6% Jimmy Fallon 27.4% Stephen Colbert 19.6% Trevor Noah 14.3% James Corden 11.2%   “April is National Car Care Month and with trust being a strong determining factor in choosing care maintenance and repair professionals, we thought it would be fun to ask vehicle owners which late-night TV host they would trust most work … Read More

Does your vehicle need a recall? NADA and the National Safety Council want to help you find out

If something was wrong with your vehicle, you would want to know, right? More so, you would want to know if your vehicle had an open recall and needed to be brought in to an authorized dealership. Well, thanks to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the National Safety Council, dealerships will try to make it easier for customers to find out if their vehicle may need a recall. At the NADA conference and convention in Las Vegas, NADA chairman and FCA US LLC dealer Wes Lutz announced the association will join with the National Safety Council in support of its Check To Protect campaign. Check To Protect is designed to educate the public about the importance of addressing open vehicle recalls. According to Check To Protect, 53 million vehicles on the road currently have an open recall in the U.S. Letting a recall issue go unaddressed presents dangerous safety hazards both for you and other drivers, increasing the risk of a severe crash. Lutz, owner of Extreme Dodge Chrysler Jeep® Ram dealership located in Jackson, Michigan, also announced he will promote the recall site on his dealership website and make it a part of his interactions with customers. “NADA wholeheartedly supports the National Safety Council’s Check To Protect initiative, and is proud to be a partner in its efforts to … Read More

FIAT® Brand Introduces new 2018 500 Urbana Edition at New York Auto Show

Is there any grander stage to make an entrance than the Big Apple? For over 100 years, the New York International Auto Show has been the first and largest-attended auto show in North America. So on the grandest stage of all the automotive industry, the FIAT® brand introduced the new 2018 FIAT 500 Urbana Edition. The reveal comes on the heels of the FIAT brand announcing an all-turbo 500 lineup, and is the latest entrant to the Urbana model editions. “With an all-turbo FIAT 500 lineup in 2018, our Italian-designed, fun-to-drive icon now comes standard with more horsepower than any of its competitors,” said Steve Beahm, Head of Passenger Car Brands, Dodge, SRT®, Chrysler and FIAT – FCA North America. “With the addition of our new FIAT 500 Urbana Edition, we’re creating a new custom, personalized option for our customers.” Personalization is one of the key aspects of the new FIAT vehicle, offering a number of ways for customers to display their personality and stand out from the crowd. The Urbana Edition highlights unique features such as black-trimmed exterior lights and 16-inch hyper-black aluminum wheels, and black Sport Cloth front bucket seats with silver accent stitching. This model will be available in five different exterior paint colors: Pompei Silver, Bianco White Ice, Perla White Tri-coat, Granito Gray and Metallo Gray. … Read More

FCA US LLC historical car collection to be showcased at former Viper plant – and you have a chance to bid on memorabilia

On August 31, 2017, the production plant of the Dodge Viper closed its doors. Coming in 2018, those doors will reopen as the Conner Center, a new meeting space and display for an FCA US LLC historic vehicle collection. The 51-year-old Detroit plant will dedicate approximately 77,000 of the area’s 400,000 square-feet to displaying some of the most classic and influential automobiles from FCA US LLC’s history. “With a storied history of its own, the Conner Avenue facility is an ideal location to showcase the vehicles that have sustained the Company for more than 92 years,” said Brandt Rosenbusch, Manager, Historical Services. “We are proud of our history and have been working diligently in the daily care and restoration of these important vehicles. This move will allow us to house all of our collection under one roof and have the space to share that history with our employees.” Notable displays include the 1902 Rambler, the oldest in the collection, and one of the company’s most significant vehicles, the 1924 Chrysler Touring. The space will exhibit 85 of the nearly 400 concept and historic vehicles all under one roof. Remaining space in the Conner Center will be converted into meeting spaces that can accommodate gatherings of various sizes. The former plant is expected to be available for use by internal groups … Read More

Whether in the market or staying in the know, start your research here

When searching for a new vehicle, where do you start your research? The overwhelming amount of information available online can be, well … overwhelming. But what if there was a website that broke it down for you and you could look at the best family vehicles on the market? Or the best all-wheel-drive vehicles, starting under $25,000? Luckily, there is. If you haven’t already visited KBB.com’s Awards & Top 10s page, it is a great place to go for information whether you’re actively searching for a new vehicle or just like to stay in-the-know. With expert- and current-owner reviews, plus safety ratings, all in the same place, it’s a cornucopia of great information that can quickly assist in narrowing your search. For instance, it would likely come as no surprise that the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica is one of KBB.com Editors’ 12 Best Family Cars of 2018. Like many others, they agree it is top-notch in all-around value. “Whether you want basic transportation for eight passengers, luxury accommodation for the same or an innovative class-exclusive plug-in hybrid that offers a real-world 30-plus miles of fuel-free range, the Pacifica has you covered.”     Other predictable winners are members of the Jeep® brand lineup of SUVs. Some of the most notable include: Best AWD under $25,000 2018 Jeep Compass 2018 Jeep Renegade … Read More

Alfa Romeo Giulia crowned 2018 Editors’ Choice by Car and Driver

Talk about coming back with a bang. A little over 20 years ago, the Alfa Romeo brand withdrew from the U.S. market. It was not until last year that the Italian vehicles appeared back on American shores. Today, the awards are piling up. The editors of Car and Driver named the Alfa Romeo Giulia to its annual Editors’ Choice list for 2018. The list recognizes the best cars on the market, including all-new or significantly updated vehicles that the publication drove, tested or evaluated in 2017. The Alfa Romeo Giulia accepts this honor after also earning a spot on Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars last November, and becoming the first Italian brand to win Motor Trend’s 2018 Car of the Year. “For Editors’ Choice, we look for exactly the same qualities that inform our 10Best selections: a vehicle’s inherent value, how well it fulfills its intended mission relative to its segment competitors and how engaging it is from behind the wheel,” said Car and Driver. “We comb through every segment and consider all the vehicles we’ve driven, tested and evaluated – more than 700 last year alone.” The Alfa Romeo Giulia features a class-leading, standard 280 horsepower and 305 lb.-ft. of torque, allowing it to launch from 0-60 miles per hour (mph) in a best-in-class 5.1 seconds, and achieve a … Read More

Born unto Freedom and Adventure, Jeep® Wrangler was destined to be an American icon

The all-new 2018 Jeep® Wrangler has made a big entrance into the automotive world. With it comes a campaign emphasizing the soul of what makes the Wrangler an American icon. Is there such a thing as “too much freedom” or “too great an adventure”? You decide.     Not to be outdone by its iconic cousin, the reimagined 2019 Jeep Cherokee takes you on a breathtaking journey as it demonstrates how the World Comes with It. If you’ve ever longed to “Go Your Own Way,” Jeep Cherokee can take you there. See for yourself …    

Taking a backward glance as we continue our drive forward

Five years ago this month I was training to be a Chrysler Capital credit analyst. I’d already been an analyst for our parent company, but this was different. We had signed an agreement with FCA US LLC (formerly known as Chrysler Group), and a new division was about to be born – Chrysler Capital. I remember feeling so lucky and so nervous at the same time. I knew how to buy deals, but this was different. This was big. And I wanted to do the best possible job I could for the people that believed enough in me to make me a part of it. Of course, I wasn’t alone – either in the process or what I was feeling at the time. Another credit analyst, Mindy, was one of the first to approve a deal. In order to test all of the new systems that had been built, we onboarded a few dealers at a time to approve and fund deals before our official kickoff on May 1, 2013. She recalls feeling honored to be part of such an important chapter of our company’s history and that “it was crucial to ensure Chrysler Capital got off the ground running and was a success.” Today, Mindy takes pride in what she does every day. “My favorite part of what I … Read More