What to do if you are in an accident

Nobody wants to be involved in a vehicle accident, but it happens. Besides the physical or emotional trauma, it can be a difficult time for vehicle owners to manage all the details and ensure the process goes smoothly with the insurance company, auto lender and repair shop. “After being involved in an accident or costly repairs, our customers are overwhelmed, emotional and need guidance on what happens going forward and looking for some type of certainty,” said a customer service spokesman for Chrysler Capital.

Chrysler Capital wants to help you stay on track with everything that needs to happen so you aren’t hit with complications that could damage you financially, as well. But you must keep current with your Chrysler Capital account based on the terms of your contract.

Here are some important questions you should ask if you are involved in an accident.

  • Please notify your insurance company immediately to report an accident and start the claim process, making sure to provide your insurer with your lienholder information.
  • After you have filed the claim with your insurance company, a decision will be made by that provider whether the vehicle is repairable or deemed a total loss.
  • Please provide us with the following information: full claim number, the adjuster’s name, and the adjuster’s phone number.
  • If your insurance company deems the vehicle a total loss, they will contact Chrysler Capital to obtain a payoff amount and request a Letter of Guarantee (LOG).
  • To assist in expediting your claim, Chrysler Capital will need the following documents from your insurance company:
    • evaluation
    • settlement breakdown
    • police report or Cause of Loss (COL) report
  • Include the insurance claim number, Chrysler Capital auto loan account number or VIN number on all documents.
  • These documents must be faxed to 214.540.5553 or emailed to Monthly vehicle payments must be kept up to date during this process. If a balance remains after all payments are made, you still will be responsible to pay off the loan agreement.
  • If you have gap insurance, please contact your gap company as soon as possible and file a claim. Here are documents typically requested by gap insurance companies and who provides them:
    • Chrysler Capital: finance contract, gap contract, warranty contract, buyers order, vehicle bookout, payoff as of date of loss, copy of insurance check, payment history.
    • Insurance company: evaluation and settlement breakdown, police or Cause of Loss (COL) report, declaration page.
    • Customer: explanation of mileage and the police report or statement of loss if insurance company cannot provide it.
  • If you have questions about your gap coverage, please contact your gap provider to discuss. You also may contact Chrysler Capital Service Department at 1.855.563.5635.

Your insurance company will issue a check payable to you and to Chrysler Capital. When you receive this check, endorse the back of it including your account number, and mail it to:

Chrysler Capital
Attn: Repairs
5201 Rufe Snow Drive, Suite 400
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Upon receiving the repair check, Chrysler Capital will contact your repair facility to assist them with processing your claim, and to request the necessary documents which are:

  • repair facility W9 (2011 version or newer)
  • insurance estimate
  • final detailed invoice of actual repairs completed (invoice must include full VIN number)

To expedite your claim please have your body shop email the documents above to or fax them to 214.540.5692. Be sure to include your Chrysler Capital account number on all documents.

Please have your body shop contact Chrysler Capital at 1.855.563.5635 so that we can go over important information regarding your repair claim.

  • All repairs must be performed by a LICENSED repair facility.
  • Once all documents are received and approved by Chrysler Capital, a payment will be sent to your repair facility (not exceeding the original insurance check amount).
  • Customer must provide the destination / residence address of the out-of-country location
  • Payments for insurance repair claims cannot be applied to payments or any fees on your Chrysler Capital account.
  • If repairs are not completed, the insurance repair payment will be applied to the principal balance of your account. This does not apply to lease accounts.
  • If you purchased any additional products along with your Chrysler Capital contract, please contact your service provider and/or dealership to cancel.
  • Those ancillary products may include:
    • extended warranty
    • credit life
    • credit disability
    • maintenance program
    • tire and wheel

If you need further assistance or have questions at any time during your insurance claim process, please contact us at 1.855.563.5635.


If you need to file an insurance claim, please log in to MyAccount and visit the “Vehicle and Insurance” page. Select “Claim” and complete the fields to notify us of your claim.

If you are not registered for MyAccount, please register now. Only Chrysler Capital account holders may register.

Update Your Information

Chrysler Capital provides multiple options for updating your insurance information for your auto account. Insurance coverage is mandatory. Your contract includes a requirement to maintain an insurance policy on your vehicle that provides comprehensive and collision coverage, and to have a loss payee and additional insured endorsement. Please make sure this information is correctly disclosed on the policy. Visit to update your information or submit proof of insurance. You may also fax a copy of your current insurance policy to 800-713-0260. Or mail insurance information to:

Chrysler Capital Finance
P.O. Box 3610
Carmel, IN 46082

Chrysler Capital Lease
P.O. Box 4210
Carmel, IN 46082

Fax to:

Phone (855) 563-5635