Auto Finance

At Chrysler Capital Blog: The Road Best Traveled, we endeavor to provide easy-to-understand auto finance information and advice.

Should you prequalify for auto financing?

Knowing more about your options is always a smart way to approach a vehicle purchase, and a valuable step that can inform your decisions is to see if you prequalify for financing.1 The prequalification process offers multiple benefits that could help you set your expectations, plan ahead and make your next move with greater confidence. See how it might improve your car-shopping experience, below. Reasons … Read More

How to achieve the goal of buying a car

What are your plans for the year ahead? As ideas are formed and goals set, you may picture yourself moving forward in a smart new vehicle. An effective way of turning that vision into reality is to first work out the steps you must take to get there. Follow these five stages to make the process easier. 1. Understand your financial situation Review your budget … Read More

How does auto leasing work?

An auto lease involves paying for the use of a vehicle for a certain amount of time as determined by your lease contract. When the lease ends, the vehicle is then returned. Financing a purchase, on the other hand, means borrowing money to pay for the vehicle outright over the course of your financing term, after which you become the vehicle owner. Read on to … Read More

Can you return a leased vehicle early?

One common myth of leasing is that, once you sign a contract, you are committed to the vehicle until the terms of the contract are completed. The truth is you can turn in a leased vehicle early. You can also trade the vehicle, known as a lease buyout and sale. Is it better to fulfill the terms of your lease contract? Yes. But in life, … Read More

Chat with Axel for answers when you need them

Financing a vehicle has never been easier but you may still have questions about your account from time to time. Chrysler Capital has multiple ways to help and one of the most convenient options is to chat with Axel. But perhaps your first question is: who is Axel? Let us tell you more. Axel is a virtual assistant available to all customers, anytime, anywhere, through … Read More

Auto financing for first-time buyers

If you’re looking for financing as a first-time car buyer then you’ve likely got questions. Questions such as: How easy is it to get credit for your first vehicle? Can you get funding with no credit experience? What are the options? Don’t worry. At Chrysler Capital, we understand this is an important step in life and we have financing opportunities to help. What’s more, our … Read More

9 easy ways to make your auto financing payment

You’ve signed on the line for the purchase or lease of your FCA US vehicle and now you’re enjoying life in the driver’s seat. Congratulations! The next step is to get those auto payments running as smoothly as your new ride. To help, Chrysler Capital offers nine easy ways to pay. Explore what works for you and get tips for managing your account. Pay with … Read More

How long should you finance a car?

Deciding which car model or make you should buy may not be the biggest decision you face when you step foot into a dealership. Instead, the bigger question at hand may be just how long you should finance a vehicle. Depending on multiple factors, such as credit score, some consumers may qualify for financing of 84 months – an eight-year term – or more. The … Read More

How a co-applicant may help you get auto financing

Financing a vehicle is not a road you must travel alone. If you need help getting approved or would like to improve the terms offered, applying with a co-applicant may be your answer. Learn more about what it means to team up with another party and the potential benefits, below. What is a co-applicant? A co-applicant is someone who is typically part of an application … Read More

What is a lien on a car?

If you’re approved for financing to purchase a vehicle, then you’ll probably encounter the term “lien.” The chances you’ll know what it means may not be so great, however. A lien on a car is like a safeguard for the lender or other interested party. When you take out the financing, a lien is created, which is the lender’s legal right to possession of the … Read More