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6 shopping steps after visiting an auto show

A new year of auto shows is well underway, and if you’ve visited a show and returned with a better idea of which Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, Wagoneer, Alfa Romeo or FIAT® vehicle you want, it’s time to plan your next steps. 1. Buy or lease? Alongside choosing the right vehicle for your needs, think about whether buying or leasing is the best way to … Read More

5 car shopping tips for tax season success

If you’ve decided to put your tax refund toward a new ride, you may now be ready for the fun part – car shopping.1 Here are a few tips to help you get the right vehicle with the best deal. 1. Research online Begin by looking at what vehicle or vehicles will meet your needs as well as work with your budget.2 Browse the Chrysler, … Read More

How to optimize your tax refund when you buy or lease a car

Jeep(R) SUV financed with help from a tax refund

Tax season is here – a time when many people receive the boost of a refund, greater financial freedom and start thinking about new opportunities ahead.1 Last year’s tax refund averaged more than $3,0002 and, whether you’re planning the return of fair-weather road trips in a new vehicle or would like to pay off an existing ride, there are great ways to put that kind … Read More

Get in gear for seasonal sales

Holiday sales have wide appeal but did you know that Thanksgiving through the new year is one of the best times to shop for a vehicle? If it’s news to you, you’re not alone. In fact, only one in five consumers know just how good an opportunity this is, says a recent poll*, but there are plenty of deals ahead. For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, … Read More

All-new Hornet makes its presence felt

There’s a potent new way to drive that’s bringing unmistakable attitude and performance to streets across the country. The all-new Dodge Hornet, Dodge brand’s entrance to the compact utility vehicle segment, provides a blend of power, style and handling that easily set it apart. Already on the block is the 2023 Hornet GT, generating a buzz of excitement with 268 hp and features such as … Read More

What matters most when choosing a vehicle?

A new car. It’s a special thing, and choosing that vehicle deserves some careful thought. What do you see yourself driving? Where will you travel? How frequently will you drive? With so many areas to consider, we took the pulse of current attitudes by asking consumers what they feel is the most important factor when looking for a new ride. See the responses to our … Read More

Can you return a leased vehicle early?

One common myth of leasing is that, once you sign a contract, you are committed to the vehicle until the terms of the contract are completed. Until I learned more about leasing, and the flexibility that it has, I had that same impression. The truth is you can turn in a leased vehicle early. You can also trade the vehicle, known as a lease-buyout and … Read More

Big fun at the North Texas Auto Show

I recently had the best workday of my career. I picked up an assignment to go to the North Texas Auto Show in Dallas. It turns out I’m a lot luckier than I thought, because going to an auto show for work is just awesome. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but the staff was very helpful in getting my media … Read More

Car trends in the U.S.

The United States is a world-leading car manufacturer, home to some of the most loved and recognizable brands, producing over 9.1 million vehicles a year. The country’s $82 billion automotive industry has also created a nation of car lovers. In fact, it is thought that there are 290 million vehicles on U.S. roads. But when it comes to specific models and vehicle types, what brands … Read More

9 Key terms to help you trade in your vehicle

Have you ever been at the store and not known how much something was because it was in the wrong section? I found my favorite popcorn at a store I don’t normally visit. I asked an associate how much it was. He started talking about SKUs and PLUs and I had no idea what he was talking about. I got my popcorn. But it made … Read More