Car Ownership

News and tips related to being an automobile driver and owner

What is a car title?

A car title is one of the most important documents you’ll sign when you purchase a vehicle. It establishes you as the vehicle’s legal owner and is often used for the vehicle to be registered and for ownership to be transferred. The title is issued by the state government where you live and, while information included on the document can vary between states, you’ll generally … Read More

Our top 10 tailgate party tips and tricks

With the arrival of autumn, comes many of our favorite things. Leaves changing color, fall flavors and scents, cooler weather, and oh yes, football. There’s something about the first kickoff under Friday night lights that perfectly ushers in this time of year. Then there’s the college games making for wonderful Saturdays. And NFL games on Sunday. And Monday. And Thursday. Lots of opportunities to embrace … Read More

Navigating back-to-school driving

It’s getting interesting out there. According to experts, U.S. families drive tens of billions of miles a year – that’s right, billion with a ‘b’ – to get their kids to and from school, accounting for an estimated 10% to 14% of traffic in the mornings alone. An estimated 43% of children who reside less than a mile from school, a relatively easy distance for … Read More

How to prepare your vehicle for a road trip

Road trip season is in motion, and to keep the good times rolling make sure you’ve followed these steps before you set off. Remember that, as a Chrysler Capital customer, your nearby FCA US dealership is ready to provide any vehicle assistance you may need. Check the tires Take a walk around your vehicle to examine the tires for wear and place a penny upside … Read More

How well do you think drivers care for their cars?

Most drivers know that regular maintenance is the key to keeping a vehicle running smoothly. After all, a well-cared-for car means a safer ride and less chance of repair bills down the road. But how good are we at putting that knowledge into practice? For this April’s National Car Care Month, we carried out a poll asking, “How often do you perform vehicle maintenance?” to … Read More

How do I know if my vehicle has a recall?

When it comes to vehicle recalls, U.S. law requires that affected owners be notified via first class mail. However, circumstances may occur where a recall notice does not reach the right person. For example, if you move and don’t update your address on your vehicle registration, it’s possible you won’t receive the notification. Another example is, after purchasing a used vehicle, it can take some time … Read More

How to calculate the gas cost of a trip

It’s easy to jump in the car and just drive, but when you’re taking a road trip or even starting a new commute, a little planning goes a long way. Calculating the gas cost of your trip is a smart trick to budget travel expenses, and there are a couple of routes you can take. One is doing it by hand, which can be completed … Read More

Holiday shopping made easy

It seems like most of the articles I read lately begin with some version of “It’s that time of year. …” To me, that can only mean one thing – shopping. Oh, yay!? Shopping ranks right up there with things like having to change a light bulb. It doesn’t really brighten my day. Luckily, like many people, online shopping has made my life much easier. … Read More

Do you need winter tires?

Driving through winter landscapes can be breathtaking, but the cold hard truth is that it often poses extra risks. One of the things you can do to prepare your vehicle for a safe journey is to equip it with winter tires. However, when is that really necessary? If you’re driving in temperatures that are in the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below then winter tires, … Read More

Why you should maintain your vehicle

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or someone who has retired many vehicles over the years, you probably know that acquiring a new ride is just one step in the life of car ownership. Driving off the lot and into the years ahead, part of your “job” as auto owner is making sure you keep your vehicle in optimum running condition. Not to mention avoiding any … Read More