Car Care New Year’s Resolutions – Pt. 1

When making a New Year’s resolution, a little guidance can go a long way.

With any goal we have in mind for the year ahead, we usually go in with the best intentions. However, if we’re being honest, it’s only a matter of months, weeks and sometimes days before that resolution is already a faded memory.

The same could go for the way we maintain and care for our vehicles.

While we may go out for the occasional car wash, there are a variety of extra steps we can take to not only make sure everything is up to date, but to extend the overall life cycle of our vehicle. So if you’re looking to make some car care New Year’s resolutions, here are some notable measures from the Chrysler Capital Top 100 Car Care Tips to keep your vehicle from excessive wear and tear.

Check your tires!

Car Care New Year’s resolutions

Back in a previous life, I believed everything in my vehicle was good to go. That is until one rainy morning in December when I realized that the tread on my tires was close to non-existent. The result was a LONG and SLOW drive praying a hydroplane would not occur.

Checking on the status of your tires can go a long way toward making them last longer. For your tire tread, take the suggestion from our Car Care Tips.

“Stick a penny between the treads: if the top of the Lincoln Memorial is covered, you’re good to go!”

This step along with staying updated on your tire pressure and wheel alignment will keep your wheels healthy and have you driving confidently in any road condition.

Interior CleaningCar Care New Year’s resolutions

Do you know that little feeling of satisfaction when you walk into a clean and tidy house? Well the same goes for stepping in a fresh and clean vehicle.

Simple steps like cleaning your dash or vacuuming your floor can help keep your upholstery from wearing down. Plus, it’s always nice when you give friends or family a ride to not have to worry about whether or not they’ll smell that dreaded French fry that dropped beneath your seat.

Keep that paint job looking new

Car Care New Year’s resolutions

When we have had our vehicle for a couple — or a few — years, it’s inevitable that little dings and scratches will make their mark on the paint job. Before we know it, even a heavy-duty car wash won’t take these blemishes away.

If you’re able to, add in a wax job on your vehicle every now and then and you are bound to see a noticeable difference. It also never hurts to throw on a cover to protect your rides from any inclement weather or outside elements. A couple of steps here and there can have your car looking like it’s fresh off the lot.