From housecoats to donuts, more obscure rules of the road


rules of the roadLaughter – it’s among the top five things for which I’m always thankful. So, what better time to continue a piece that makes me shake my head, roll my eyes and laugh out loud? Yes, it’s time for more obscure rules of the road.

If you’re in a hurry to get some Black Friday deals in the state of Kansas this weekend, be careful not to squeal your tires. Doing so could score you a deal you were absolutely NOT looking for – up to three months in jail! And if you’re shopping in Oregon, you may want to stick to the malls, since it’s perfectly legal to drive on the sidewalk there. As long as you yield to pedestrians, that is.

obscure rules of the roadA sugar rush may or may not be worth the trip in South Berwick, Maine, where it’s illegal to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts. Think of it this way – parking a little farther away will burn off some of the extra calories.

Remember the days of running after the ice cream truck? Probably not if you grew up in Indianola, Iowa, where ice cream trucks are banned.

It seems that which stretches the imagination is not limited to Hollywood in the state of California. Lawmakers were kind enough to bestow these beauties on their state:

  • obscure rules of the roadChildren, you can breathe a sigh of relief – your mother cannot embarrass you by driving you to school in her housecoat, as this is illegal in California.
  • No curling up for a quick nap along the roadside in Eureka, where it’s against the law to use the road as a bed.
  • Just in case you have the urge while driving through Glendale, jumping out of a vehicle while traveling in excess of 65 mph is illegal (not to mention a bad idea in general).
  • And my favorite – spilling your margarita on any street in Hermosa Beach is strictly prohibited.

The best and most bizarre have to be those that involve vehicles and animals. Like the law in Massachusetts that forbids riding with a gorilla in your backseat. Really? Because traveling with a gorilla in your front seat is that much better?

If you live in Alaska, your dog will be relieved to know it is against the law to strap him to the roof of your car.

Shooting any animal from your vehicle is outlawed in Tennessee. Unless, of course, it’s a whale. Because there are so many whales in the state of Tennessee.

Finally, under no circumstances is it acceptable to leave your sheep unattended in your truck in Montana. Seriously. It doesn’t matter how mature and/or responsible you think he may be. It’s a baaaaa-d idea.