How paperless statements help you declutter, save time and go green

Declutter, save time, go green icons

It feels good to be up to speed on your auto payments and have your account organized.

That process is easy with your Chrysler Capital MyAccount.

And it’s easier still when you sign up for paperless statements.

Switching to e-statements allows you to streamline your account management and enjoy other benefits, too.

See why it makes sense to go paperless, below.

Less clutter

There are no letters to fetch from the mailbox when you choose electronic statements, and you can print only the statements you need.

More convenient

Log in to your online account from your computer or mobile device whenever it’s convenient and quickly and easily access your statements. Once logged in, you can make payments, sign up for Auto Pay, update your account details and more.


Paperless allows you to preserve trees and lower your carbon footprint. This option reduces the amount of energy used to produce and deliver statements so you’ll know you’re helping to protect our planet.

Here’s what one Chrysler Capital customer had to say about making the switch to e-statements:

“Honestly, it’s just easier, so I got all set up [with e-statements] and now have paperless for every account possible. I’m a big believer in ‘waste not, want not,’ and prefer not to have papers stacking up unnecessarily. I like to keep all my records organized, and being able to access them through my account helps simplify my pile of stuff.” – Aaron P., from California.

How to sign up for e-statements

Signing up for e-statements is simple and takes just a few minutes. Complete these steps to reduce your paper trail.

  1. Log in to MyAccount
  2. Choose the “Go Paperless” option
  3. Select “Electronic” under “Statement Preferences”
  4. Click “Save”

If you’ve not yet signed up for MyAccount you can do so at For more resources and information about your account, visit our Customer Center.