How to create a memorable vacation in 24 hours – Eastern U.S. edition

Earlier this week, we showed that time doesn’t have to be a constraint when creating a memorable vacation.

In simply 24 hours you can fit in not just one, but two, trips to some of the most memorable landmarks in the country. Previously, we delved into accomplishing this in the Western United States. Today, we travel across the country to give you the best 24-hour vacation you can accomplish in the Eastern U.S.

From the Liberty Bell to the Big Apple

First day

Fly to: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Arrive by 7 p.m. ET

Activity: Dinner at Spruce Street Harbor Park

Next Day

Wake up and leave by 7 a.m. ET

Drive to: New York, New York (2 hour, 8 minute drive from Philadelphia)

Activity: Experience New York!

Fly out at 7 p.m. ET

What better way to spend an evening than having dinner while lying in a colorful hammock?

Spruce Street Harbor Park provides famous eats of Philadelphia and brings them to one of the most popular urban beaches in the U.S., along with hammocks strewn out across the waterfront that are open to the public. A beer garden and games such as bocce and shuffleboard are available.

After a night of Philly cheesesteaks, you can make a quick two-hour commute for a day in the Big Apple. Of course an afternoon in New York City may be biting off a little too much, but the options are endless.

From strolling down Times Square, seeing a show on Broadway, or jumping on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, anywhere you go within one of the world’s largest cities is sure to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

A Walk Through History at the Music and Derby Cities

First day

Fly to: Nashville, Tennessee – Arrive by 7 p.m. CT

Activity: See a concert at the Mercy Lounge

Next day

Wake up and leave by 9 a.m. CT

Drive to: Louisville, Kentucky (2 hour, 40 minute drive from Nashville)

Activity: Discover the history behind legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali

Fly out at 8 p.m. ET

One cannot make a visit to Nashville without experiencing its legendary music scene. After your plane lands, make your away to one of the nation’s most famous entertainment hubs in Downtown Nashville.

Planted right in the middle is the music venue, Mercy Lounge, which has become the home to both up-and-coming artists and established stars we’ve come to know and love. Major acts who’ve performed at the Mercy Lounge include Snoop Dogg, Imagine Dragons and Adele.

After seeing a show at the famous venue, you can walk out and experience the rest of Downtown and neighboring SoBro district.

Follow your Nashville night on the town with a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky, and learn about one of the greatest boxers that ever lived, Muhammad Ali.

First, you can experience the legendary athlete’s childhood home where he first took up the sport. The Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum celebrates Ali’s original residence, restored to the exact condition it was during his time living there.

Once you complete walking through the boxer’s original stomping grounds, you can drive over to learn about the rest of Ali’s career and contributions at the Muhammad Ali Center.

The award-winning museum takes visitors through the heavyweight champion’s storied accomplishments, as well as humanitarian contributions that exhibited the six core values he lived by: confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality. A walk through these two hallowed grounds will have you floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee for your trip back home.

Not a bad way to spend 24 hours.