How to create a memorable vacation in 24 hours – Western U.S. edition

Time is always of the essence.

For many of us, we are given Paid Time Off days to be used throughout the year. With planning for events such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, these coveted days aren’t thrown around lightly. Taking a couple of days, or even a full week, can throw a wrench into our future plans or may just not be feasible.

For some, there might not be any days off left in the can to be used. Or your only day off is on a Wednesday, like what happened with this year’s Fourth of July. But a time crunch should not defuse you — there’s still a vacation situation that can be had.

And you can do it all in 24 hours.

With a little bit of planning, you can make a road trip, do some sight-seeing, have some fun and be back in the office in no time.

Here are some ideas for you to complete a full vacation in just 24 hours in the western U.S.

24-Hour Pacific West Coast Adventure

First day

Fly to: Portland, Oregon – Arrive by 7 p.m. PT

Activity: Dinner at the Portland Night Market

Next day

Wake up and leave by 7 a.m.

Drive to: Seattle, Washington (3 hour, 10 minute drive from Portland)

Activity: Space Needle

Fly out at 7 p.m. PT

These two coastal neighbors let you experience the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Northwest with some must-see tourist attractions.

Start your round-the-clock adventure by flying in and venture to the Night Market of the Industrial District of Portland, Oregon. Community created and volunteer organized, the Night Market brings in hundreds of food and businesses from all around the area.

Grab some authentic Portland eats, then experience the unique and diverse culture of the City of Roses.

The next day, after your morning coffee, take a three-hour drive right to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. The city’s landmark staple gives you a panoramic view of the entire city, including a possible glimpse of Mount Rainier if you catch it on a sunny day.

In addition, the block around the Space Needle features plenty of fun sites such as the Museum of Pop Culture and the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit.

By the time you’re heading to your flight home, you’ll have experienced an authentic Portland dinner and three of the most popular sites in Seattle!

What Happens in 24 Hours Stays in 24 Hours

First day

Fly to: Las Vegas – Arrive by 7 p.m. PT

Activity: Night out at the Vegas Strip

Next day

Wake up and leave by 8 a.m. PT

Drive to: Los Angeles, California (4 hour, 10 minute drive from Las Vegas)

Activity: Griffith Observatory

Fly out at 7 p.m. PT

When it comes to visiting Las Vegas, all it takes is a stroll down the famous Vegas Strip and choosing your adventure. Whether it’s seeing one of the numerous shows available at each casino or hitting the blackjack table, one night will be plenty of adventure in Las Vegas.

Then turn your late night extravaganza into a morning drive to La La Land. Recharge from your Vegas ventures and take a day to look out into the cosmos at the Los Angeles Griffith Observatory. Free to the public, the observatory gives visitors access to telescopes, exhibits, and live shows, including views of the famous Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles.

From rocking and rolling on the Vegas Strip to relaxing among the stars, you’ll be at the office and ready to go just like nothing happened …