Our top 10 tailgate party tips and tricks

Man and women sitting on chairs at tailgate partyWith the arrival of autumn, comes many of our favorite things. Leaves changing color, fall flavors and scents, cooler weather, and oh yes, football.

There’s something about the first kickoff under Friday night lights that perfectly ushers in this time of year. Then there’s the college games making for wonderful Saturdays. And NFL games on Sunday. And Monday. And Thursday. Lots of opportunities to embrace some serious couch time or head to a game in person.

Along with the fun of attending a game, is the additional contest surrounding the gridiron event – the tailgate party. A tradition that’s been around since the 1860s, tailgating has evolved into its own signature part of the gameday experience.

It’s even been recognized with “national holiday” status. This year, National Tailgating Day falls on Saturday, September 2.

Considering how modern stadiums rival amusement parks in size and parking spaces, it’s a good idea to thoroughly gameplan your pregame before you load up the truck or SUV and head to the event.

Study our playbook to improve your chances of having a tailgate party worthy of a touchdown dance.

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