Predators – Hellcat and Viper are focus of Dodge’s latest creation

070715 CC Predators – Hellcat and Viper are focus of Dodge’s latest creation 1

When you’re shooting a car commercial and your pursuit car is a Hellcat because nothing else can keep up with another Hellcat … that’s the moment when you KNOW you’ve got something special on your hands.

Predators is Dodge’s latest advertising masterpiece. Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight plays in the background, set against a background of dark, empty streets, a voice-over talks about predators of the past that we no longer fear.

Out of the darkness, three menacing, yet beautiful, red, modern-day predators emerge, taking over the streets.

“The high-energy driving and aggressively shot images in Predators, matched with a haunting soundtrack, leave little doubt in anyone’s mind that Dodge is America’s mainstream performance brand,” said Oliver Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA – Global. “The Challenger and Charger Hellcats and Dodge Viper are halo vehicles – they make bold statements about the attitude and personality of the full Dodge lineup.”

070715 CC Predators – Hellcat and Viper are focus of Dodge’s latest creation 2

I have long-since used words like “menacing,” “ferocious” and “beastly” to describe the Challenger and Charger Hellcats. They are true American muscle that stirs your soul. The Viper is a sleek, sexy supercar that begs to be driven.

The irreverence of John and Horace Dodge has been captured and built into these vehicles. One hundred years later, their spirit definitely lives on in those of us who share their passion for these cars.

Some may have seen the initial airing of Predators last weekend when the 90-second spot (view it yourself below) began airing in select movie theaters. The 30-second spot starts airing this week on major cable networks and will be broadcast during the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday, July 14.