Ram Round-up – the parade in pictures (and video!)

As truck owners began arriving early Saturday morning, the staging area for the parade was well organized, to say the least. Ram representatives were there to help and trucks were lined up, ready to go from the moment they arrived. Owners were free to check in and then enjoy live music, take a turn at cattle roping and watch as Raminator wowed the crowd.

The most spectacular sight, though, was the sea of Ram trucks gathered to set a new world record.

sea of trucks

Finally, we were ready to roll. As we started out, there were Ram trucks as far as the eye could see. In front of us …

starting off 2

And behind us …

starting off

Ram trucks everywhere! What a sight to behold!

Ram everywhere

Just over three miles in 42 minutes … it seemed like it was over as soon as it began.

headed back home

The official count occurred as we returned. Can you imagine standing at the finish line, counting off 451 trucks as they pass by you?

get counted

It seemed surreal that, as we pulled back into the parking lot where we started, there were still trucks waiting to begin the parade route.

waiting to leave

As we waited for everyone to return from the route, it was fun to see all of the other trucks. I was looking forward to seeing some older-model trucks in the parade. Unfortunately there were very few that participated, but we were lucky to park near the owner of this 1970 model.

oldest guy on block

Guinness World Record representative Michael presented Ram with the official certificates. Congratulations on setting the record for the longest parade of Ram vehicles and breaking the record for longest parade of pickup trucks. What a day!


If pictures tell 1,000 words, a video can speak volumes. We had our GoPro® running throughout the parade, but 42 minutes is just too long to post. So here’s the parade in its entirety, sped up to 20 times regular speed. Enjoy!