Recap the Dodge, Jeep® and Ram commercials from the “Big Game Blitz”

What did you remember from the big game?

People talk plenty about the game-changing plays, touchdowns and the moments that they’ll remember for years to come.

With the largest TV audience of the year, football’s biggest game brings the best of the best advertisements from brands across the world. With such a crowded field, it takes creating a big-time moment to rise above the rest.

FCA US LLC attempted to do just that by releasing a “Big Game Blitz,” a slew of new videos and advertisements across several brands in lieu of Sunday’s grand football final.

In a statement made in an official FCA US LLC press release, Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois stated:

“The teams that get to the Big Game do it by breaking through. By breaking out. By making big plays at the right time and taking calculated chances. We’re no different.

“This year, we will exclusively use social and digital to showcase our commercials. We decided to explore innovative ways to ride the wave of highly engaged viewers, during the one time of the year when the commercials are fun and everybody is talking about them …  We feel like the football teams who must constantly change their strategy to make it to the Sunday night’s match-up. But unlike them, we don’t need to be in the Big Game to change the game.”
FCA US LLC came out firing with multiple big ads showing off the Dodge, Jeep® and Ram brands.




The Dodge brand revved up its engines to an all-time classic tune, paying homage to the home city of this year’s grand football finale. The brand’s lineup races through the streets Atlanta, highlighting such vehicles like the Charger and SRT®.




At the close of 2018, Jeep brand created quite the buzz in the automotive world with the release of the brand new Jeep Gladiator.

Now the rest of the world is in on the hype as the new midsize pickup emerges on the scene as one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2019.

Additionally, in continuation of their partnership with OneRepublic, Jeep incorporated our country’s National Anthem to take viewers through a stunning visual journey that’s truly “More than Just Words.”



In a setting similar to the iconic “God Made a Farmer” commercial, Ram Brand used the quiet open plain to introduce their brand new 2019 Ram Heavy Duty.

As father and son cowboys talk through their favorite past commercials from the big game, the Ram Heavy Duty is put on display as a pickup you won’t soon forget.

Along with the debut of a new truck, Ram also debuted a new voice of their brand as Academy® Award-nominee Jeremy Renner narrates a glimmer of hope for the “Next Generation.”

To see the rest of the FCA US LLC “Big Game Blitz” videos, visit their official YouTube page.