The ABCs of Halloween safety

ABCs of Halloween Safety


All the hard work has been done.

The candy is packed and ready to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Those costumes you bought or made are looking exquisite. Now it’s time to hit the road and celebrate Halloween night. As you prepare for ringing doorbells or knocking on doors, it’s important to remember that fun and safety go hand-in-hand!

Enjoy your trick-or-treating this year with these easy-to-remember ABCs of Halloween safety tips:

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Be patient and ready for anything.

Complimenting a fellow trick-or-treater’s costume can go a long way.

Do not allow any consumption of candy corn. We want everyone to enjoy their candy!

Embrace the time out with the kids by sporting a costume of your own!

Find costumes for your kiddos that can be easily seen in the dark.

Family in Halloween costumes

Greet each home you visit with kindness and gratitude.

Have phones or walkie-talkies available to stay in contact if you decide to split up.

If leading a group of children, make sure everyone feels included and not left out.

Join in the fun – attend a Halloween party or local event in lieu of trick-or-treating this year!

Keep your eyes on the road.

Look both ways before you cross any street.

Most importantly, have fun!

Never assume you and your group are in sight. Nighttime can make it difficult to see.

Overeating candy never ends well.

Plan a schedule for when you’d like to start and finish your trick-or-treating adventure.

Quench you and your group’s thirst by bringing plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Rally points are a great idea if you have a large group that splits into smaller groups.

Snag any peanut butter cups before anyone notices J.

Texting and driving is a NO-GO!

Understand your route before you leave.

Visit homes that have their outdoor lights turned on.

Wearing comfortable shoes will make the neighborhood walks much more bearable!


X-tra snacks, drinks and supplies for your kiddos is never a bad idea!

Your enthusiasm can make or break the night for your youngsters.

Zeroing in on a happy and safe Halloween is the best treat of all!