What matters most when choosing a vehicle?

A new car.

It’s a special thing, and choosing that vehicle deserves some careful thought.

What do you see yourself driving?

Where will you travel?

How frequently will you drive?

With so many areas to consider, we took the pulse of current attitudes by asking consumers what they feel is the most important factor when looking for a new ride.

See the responses to our poll in the chart, below.

Most important car-buying factors chart

Getting a vehicle to suit your needs

While a vehicle’s make, model, safety features and fuel economy are all significant to consumers, price is clearly uppermost in people’s minds.

At Chrysler Capital, we offer a range of resources to help shoppers in this department so they can make the right choices for their finances.

If you’re ready for a new vehicle, start off by visiting our buy or lease pages to get a better idea of which option might work best for you.

Try our finance calculators, too.

When a purchase is your preference, these tools will enable you to estimate an affordable monthly payment and how much you might spend on a car in total. You can also work out an early payoff for your current vehicle if a payoff is something you’d like to do.

Plus, whether you buy our lease, our fuel savings calculator is a convenient way to compare gas costs from one vehicle to another.

For further information about selecting a vehicle and how to finance it, browse the articles and videos across our Discovery Center and blog site.