Shaking Things Up—A New Lease of Motoring Life

So, you’ve been a loyal used car buyer your whole life, and your vehicles have served you well. You’ve had the foresight to purchase extended warranties and GAP coverage when you deemed it necessary. Overall, you’ve been satisfied with your decisions thus far.Chrysler Capital lease options


But what if your next vehicle was brand new, had all the latest technology, and was covered by manufacturer’s warranty? And what if all this came with the same, or LESS, payment than another “satisfactory” used vehicle?

To some, just mentioning the word lease in reference to a vehicle invokes a waterfall of reasons why leasing just won’t work for them. I was once one of those people. But after taking some time to figure out what leasing is all about, I learned my thought process was old-school, to say the least. Today, there are so many choices out there and Chrysler Capital leasing is built to meet the needs of a flexible lifestyle.

Flexible mileage options

Mileage restrictions tend to be the first objection of leasing. I’m not going to lie—it’s always been my biggest reservation. Then I did the math. Like most Americans, I drive less than 15,000 miles per year, which fits the parameters of a standard lease. Even if my average came out a bit higher, I can easily add those extra miles at a lower up-front cost and have the peace of mind knowing I’m covered.

For those who are concerned about being charged for wear and tear, I ask you this—have you ever rented an apartment? Did you get your deposit back? It’s the same thing. Much like an apartment is meant to be lived in, vehicles are meant to be driven and normal wear and tear is expected. If there was some kind of unexpected damage in your apartment, you either had it repaired prior to moving out or expected to be charged for the repair, right? Same thing with leasing a vehicle—if there is damage done to it, have it repaired prior to the end of the lease.

Here’s the best part—your vehicle is covered by manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of the lease and GAP coverage is included in your contract! Talk about total peace of mind!

Now all you have to decide is if you want to belong to the fraternity of Jeep Wrangler drivers or would you prefer the style and carefree driving of a Chrysler 200 convertible? Or maybe the classic muscle-car look of the Dodge Challenger is more your style?

Learn more about leasing, and how it compares to buying a vehicle, within Chrysler Capital’s online Buy or Lease section, and visit your dealer to inquire about leasing possibilities.