Commanding, sexy star of Super Bowl LI will leave you breathless

Awards have been bestowed. Records have been broken. It was definitely one for the history books as millions watched and held their breath.

It was unpredictable and elusive. But it wasn’t about being the strongest or the most powerful. It was about grace, being fearless and staying true to who you are.

A star was born during Super Bowl LI.

I’m not talking about the game that, at halftime, most considered over. I’m not talking about a coach or a quarterback who achieved what no other in NFL history has achieved. I’m not talking about the halftime show.

With three appearances during Super Bowl LI, Giulia fearlessly introduced herself to the American public with beauty, grace and purpose.

She made breaking free of predictability while, at the same time, finding our balance, sexy.

She made us catch our breath.

Alfa Romeo Giulia is back and better than ever.