FCA US LLC spring break destinations

Do you have plans for spring break?

As March brings the end of winter, it also usually marks the time where schools across the country take a week-long pause. For men, women and families, this presents an opportunity to wind down and recharge, or a chance to go big on a vacation.

Whether you plan to travel during your spring break or are just searching for future ideas, FCA US LLC has had the privilege of traveling across the country for you to draw inspiration.

Here are some desirable destinations where FCA US LLC brands stepped foot.


Golden, Colorado

Last summer, FCA US LLC ventured to the Rocky Mountains to host its 17th Annual Mopar Big Block Party in Golden, Colorado.

The downtown area of Golden offers trendy restaurants and shops combined with a plethora of outdoor activities, making for perfect fun in the sun. The town is also centrally located near other notable Colorado destinations.

If you decide to head east, you’ll head right into the city of Denver in just a half hour. In roughly the same time, you can also travel west and hit the casinos within the mountain side at Black Hawk.


Oahu, Hawaii

Last year, Jeep® brand not only put its Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Renegade on display against the beautiful scenery of Oahu, Hawaii, it also gave us a full 360-degree, first-person virtual reality experience.

As the video shows, you can try your surfing skills in the serene beaches of Oahu with the forest-like mountains as your backdrop. Outside the water, the Hawaiian island presents one of the most eclectic and flavorful culinary scenes you’ll ever come across.


Monterey, California

The Alfa Romeo brand made a huge splash in 2016 when it showed off its line of vehicles at Monterey Car Week in California.

The brand wowed enthusiasts as it drove across the Monterey area, making stops at wineries, concourses and even the famous Pebble Beach.

The breathtaking views of the West Coast were fitting for Alfa Romeo’s elegant and stylistic design. While there are plenty of attractions to fill out your week, simply looking out into the ocean from the Pacific shores may be enough to provide an experience you’ll always remember.