Four simple steps to a cleaner vehicle


The second Monday in January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This year, it falls on January 9, which just happens to be this Monday.

Many in the workforce these days spend more time in their vehicle than at a desk, making cleaning out their vehicle tantamount to cleaning off their desk. And what better time to accomplish such a task than the very day set aside each year to do just that?

Depending on your daily activities, cleaning out the car can include a variety of different tasks. To some, it may seem daunting. Personally, I’d rather clean my whole house, top to bottom, than clean out the car.

If either of these instances describe you, breaking it down to four simple steps (assuming the exterior is already somewhat clean) should have you well on your way to a nice, tidy workspace:

1. Make sure any supplies you need for your daily routine are well-organized and kept in one area of the vehicle, such as the trunk or a back cargo area. This ensures you have what you need on hand for clients/customers and also allows you to quickly determine when your stock is low and how much is necessary to replenish.


2. Clean the windows – ALL of them. Start at the driver’s side door and work your way around the entire outside of the vehicle. Don’t forget the mirrors! Once you’re finished with the exterior windows, climb inside and do the same. Is it fun to reach all the way up to that space where the windshield meets the dashboard? No. But it needs to be done.

3. Clean the interior. This is a great time to get in all the hard-to-get-into places, including cup holders, vents, etc. Household cleaning wipes work great for this task and leave behind a fresh, clean scent.


4. Thoroughly vacuum the interior. Take out the floor mats, shake out all the loose dirt and debris then vacuum the carpet underneath. Make sure you get in between and under the seats. Whether you taxi around kids or clients, there is sure to be items that fell just out of reach and were then forgotten. This is a good time to let the vacuum fix that for you. (If you own a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, hopefully you chose the Stow ’n Vac option to make this task even easier!)