Get better gas mileage and save at the pump

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Was it, by chance, to spend less and/or save more? Well, New Year’s resolution or no, one of the best ways to not spend as much this year is to make fewer trips to the gas station. Especially at todays gas prices.

gas mileageAsk any “expert” and the first suggestion he/she will almost always give as one of the best ways to improve your fuel economy is to adjust your driving habits. (Of course, this is also the most difficult—at least for me.) Slow down, don’t accelerate and brake frequently. Plan your trips more effectively. One online source even went so far as to recommend familiarizing yourself with nearby traffic signals, so you could predict when they would change, thereby reducing your stop-and-go driving. These things sound good in theory. But I was thinking more about real savings versus theoretical, so let’s check out some alternatives that might work better.

There are some driving habits you can change more easily than others. For example, park the car and go inside the restaurant instead of using the drive-thru and allowing your car to idle for minutes on end. Or take the first parking spot you come to rather than driving around and around and around, trying to find the best one. Not only will you save gas in both cases, you’ll likely add a few extra steps to your daily routine as well. It’s like getting two New Year’s resolutions accomplished for the price of one!

Maintenance is important for optimal gas mileage. Regular oil changes, purchasing the proper-size tires as well as ensuring they are properly inflated, replacing the the air and fuel filters (when necessary and/or recommended) and a properly tuned-up engine all impact fuel efficiency. They can all also impact the life expectancy of your vehicle…another one of those “two-for-the-price-of-one” things!

gas mileageIf you live in a metropolitan area and have access to public transportation, try taking the bus or train to work a couple days a week. You just may find that you enjoy the no-pressure ride to work so much that you decide to take it every day. Then, things like avoiding post-game traffic by taking the train suddenly become appealing and before you know it, you are navigating your city’s rail system like a seasoned commuter. You will find that this has other advantages as well. For instance, you’ll be putting fewer miles on your vehicle, which can translate into lower overall maintenance costs and the possibility of higher trade value down the road.

Another option for better gas mileage is a different, more economical vehicle. Trade in your gas-guzzler for something that will catch your eye, make your pulse race, and ultimately win your heart at the pump…like the 2014 Dodge Dart. Now, if your ultimate goal is to spend less, this option may have you shaking your head and thinking I’m a bit crazy, but just hear me out. Depending on your current monthly payment, a Dodge Dart lease deal might be just the thing for you—you could lower your monthly payment and save at the pump. Talk to your dealer to see what’s right for you. And if leasing isn’t your thing, Chrysler Capital has some great finance offers as well. Click here to get started on your application now!