Tax refund truck driving up rows of quarters

The deadline for sending in taxes is just around the corner in April. According to, the average refund for 2019 (as of December 2019) was $2,869. If you’re receiving a refund this year, first off, congratulations! Secondly, have you planned what you’re doing with your new earnings?

Of course there are plenty of options for how you can use a refund that would be potentially beneficial. Saving never hurts. Perhaps a future summer vacation could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Another possible way to use your refund would be to put it toward a down payment for a new vehicle. It’s not that uncommon of an idea. If one’s refund amount comes in at around the IRS average shown above, a portion of it could go a long way toward buying or leasing a vehicle that would fit your situation best.

2020 Ram Heavy Duty truck

Whether you’ve been looking, or circumstances have caused you to suddenly be in the market, using your tax refund as your down payment may be a practical and fun way to purchase the vehicle you want.

First off, being able to put more cash down for a vehicle purchase just makes sense (practical). Secondly, it’s also exciting to get that new car, loaded with all the bells and whistles, that, of late, has been the focus of your day dreams (fun). Plus, you may find even more inspiration by searching through our incentives and lease deals on the Chrysler Capital Offers page.

Regardless of what you decide to do with it, your tax refund can be the means to satisfying both the practical and fun sides. So be creative. Exercise your practical self and treat your fun self!



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