How far would you drive for your favorite coffee?

Coffee. I don’t think I realized quite how much I valued my morning walk to Starbucks until I moved away from “the big city.”

Even if I had a deadline, or was just plain lazy and didn’t feel like going out for a steaming cup, the coffee bar on my office floor was a perfect pit stop for a personalized morning jolt.

These days, the closest Starbucks is 20+ miles away. Not exactly within walking distance. So, this got me to thinking, exactly how far would I go for my favorite cup of morning Joe?

If 20 miles is too far, is 10 miles pushing the limit? What about five miles? Surely five miles is acceptable for a cup of that divine decadence that gets me going in the morning, right?

We have a few cafes in town that have decent coffee, two national chains with adequate coffee (truth be told, I’d rather just have coffee at home) and a regional chain that is my first choice, if the short drive to town is all the farther I’d care to venture.

Recently, I’ve learned the next town over is home to a coffee and crêperie with coffee that’s worth going the extra mile. The opportunity to visit has not crossed my path yet, but I have the feeling that, when it does, I will have my answer to exactly how many miles is an acceptable drive for the perfect cup of coffee.