Recalculate adventure in a new Jeep® Compass

Recently, a friend and colleague mentioned that, as he nears the point of having a teen driver in his house, he’s looking at purchasing a 2018 Jeep® Compass.

To be completely honest, this surprised me. When I think young drivers and the vehicles they want to drive, I don’t necessarily think of the Compass. I think Renegade. Perhaps it’s because, when I look back at my own teenage years, the words “directionless” and “rebel” come to mind. But I digress.

For him, it’s more a matter of practicality. The Compass has plenty of room for his son to haul his buddies around. Plus, when he heads off to college, there will be more than enough room for his college gear. In addition, the family currently has a Grand Cherokee, so there is a familiarity that comes with driving a “mini-me” version of the same vehicle.

And the best part – the price is right.

While I know the recently-updated Jeep Compass has many fans, I regrettably must admit I have not paid it much attention. Until now. Now I’m … recalculating.

What is so great about the new Compass?

As I said previously, the price is right. Whether you go for the base-model Sport or head straight for the top and choose the rugged Trailhawk, you’re looking at an MSRP of under $30,000. When you’re talking about a 4×4, go-anywhere, with an estimate 30-highway MPG, that’s value no matter how many ways you recalculate.

Taking cues from its big brother, the Grand Cherokee, the new Compass is ruggedly handsome. From the inside out, great attention to every detail was given to provide drivers and passengers alike with the comfort and quality they expect and deserve.

Because sometimes life sends you in an unexpected direction and you find yourself … recalculating.