Rewards for spring cleaning your vehicle

I must confess.

Spring cleaning is tough.

Dirty windshield with Wash Me written in

When it comes to the little monthly or weekly disciplines of tidying up my vehicle, I tend to procrastinate quite a bit. I’ve even gotten a little behind on some New Year’s resolutions.

I don’t let anything pile up, but it takes a bit of extra motivation to keep my ride squeaky clean like the day I drove it off the dealership lot.

We all have busy schedules filling up our time, so when things finally slow down, at least for me, I do not want to spend my free time tidying up my vehicle. I don’t know about you, but I would rather get some rest and relaxation at home instead of jamming a vacuum underneath my car seats.

But eventually, the time comes for us all to clean up our vehicle before it gets too out of hand. What has always helped me is to make the occasion a little more eventful and provide some extra incentive for completing certain spring cleaning goals.

As National Car Care month happens during April, here are some fun prizes to reward yourself with as you freshen up your ride.

Clean your dashboard – Watch an episode of your favorite show

Person wiping down a vehicle dashboard

Usually it’s watching one of my favorite TV shows that prevents me from getting anything done. Here is a great way to have the best of both worlds!

This quick chore gets you to set the remote down for a few minutes to rid your ride of dust bunnies gathering on the front dashboard. Using some interior cleaner, a little wipe down will go a long way toward bringing some shine when you step into your vehicle.

Once you’re done, you can go back to your favorite show for some relaxation and a sense of accomplishment.

Go to the car wash – Get a treat

Car going through a car wash

There never feels like a convenient time to make a trip or a detour to the car wash. It’s always easier to hang back and push that appointment to the next day or week.

One way to get motivated is to make the drive not just about the car wash, but also consider it a way to treat yourself. Whether you go the manual wash route or on the assembly line to spruce up your vehicle’s exterior, taking your newly washed ride to grab a favorite dessert or beverage makes for a great reward. I personally enjoy a midday pick-me-up from my favorite coffee shop.

With a shiny new ride and satisfied taste buds, you’ll turn spring cleaning from something you may dread to something you look forward to.

Vacuum interior + all of the above – A night out on the town

Woman using vacuum inside a car

A day spent squeezing through the nooks and crannies of car seats and cup holders deserves special recognition.

It can be a humbling chore to vacuum the interior of vehicles realizing just how much gathers along the floor. Then there’s the unenviable task of going underneath our car seats hoping not a find a spare french fry or two.

That’s why this accomplishment should be followed by a special night out with friends, family or all of the above. You can dress in your finest outfit and hit the town or just grab some takeout and have a relaxing night at the house. Whatever your preference may be, a chore like spring cleaning your vehicle becomes much more manageable when you’re able to feel rewarded.

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