See FIAT® in a whole new way

I love FIAT®.
Admittedly, I don’t own one. With a family of six, three of which are four-legged, a small, fun car hasn’t really been something that we could even consider.
Until now.

That’s right. The FIAT 500 isn’t alone anymore. And, with larger “cousins” (the FIAT 500L and FIAT 500X) joining the ranks of the FIAT family, there’s plenty of room for everyone.
The FIAT 500X has all the fun, cute, quirky Italian style of the FIAT family, but with more room than ever before. It’s so big, you can fit a house in the back.

Despite what some people say, it’s definitely NOT a toy car.

With more Italian style, available all-wheel-drive performance and room for everyone, the FIAT 500X is most certainly a triple threat.

If you’re in the market for a new, small crossover, you should visit a FIAT studio and take one for a spin.

Then, see the world in a whole new way.