Upcycle your recycling with great ideas for old car parts

So, you’re cleaning out your garage and in the end are left with a pile of old car parts that you’ve determined you’re not going to use any time soon. What do you do with them?


If you can look at that old pile of car parts and see a lamp, a clock or a wine rack, you may just have the makings of some very cool looking accessories for your home.

Take, for instance, this amazing wine/party rack. Talk about something to break the ice and get people talking!

Photo courtesy of The Owner-Builder Network
Photo courtesy of The Owner-Builder Network

Trying to get more organized? An old coil spring can help keep bills and other paper off your desk and neatly stored until you need them.

Photo courtesy of Hannas Sjarmerendejul


Or use that coil spring for a beautiful, rustic holiday candle holder.

Photo courtesy of Hannas Sjarmerendejul


Get creative with some old tires. They can be used for far more than just a swing. Case in point, they make a cool and colorful deck table.

Photo courtesy of Madcap Frenzy


Hot wheels take on a whole new meaning when you turn an old wheel into a fire pit.

Photo courtesy of FlashCraftArt


And shed some light on creative ideas for what to do when you’ve got pieces from an old suspension.

Photo courtesy of Classified Moto


Or my personal favorite, a vintage Jeep grille.

Photo courtesy of Etsy.com