What’s in a name?

National Name your Car Day is less than a month away. Yes, there’s a day for that. AND there’s an app for that. Well, okay, there’s not so much an app as there are several websites to help you choose just the right name for your favorite (or not-so-favorite) four-wheeled friend.

If you drive a Rebel, Renegade or Hellcat, you’re one of the lucky few whose manufacturer-provided vehicle name may be an ideal fit. But if you purchased the Mysterious Utility Wizard (yes, it’s a real name – I’ll leave it up to you and Google to identify the manufacturer), personalizing your vehicle with a shorter, more suitable name may be in the cards.


But how do you determine the perfect name for your vehicle? Sometimes you just know. There’s something about her that just says, “Sally” or “Big Green” to you and it’s a done deal.

Other times, a name is earned. Old Faithful, Stella or Carzilla are prime examples of how some relationships develop over time.

Movies are a great muse for finding the perfect name. For example the Toretto, Joe Dirt or even Mrs. Doubtfire could describe your vehicle in a nutshell. Hey, if the name fits …

Nostalgia can play a large role in influencing the name of your vehicle. Herbie or the General Lee could be sitting in your driveway right now. Or better yet – The Bluesmobile.


When all else fails and you just can’t determine the best name for your ride, there are several car name generators online. One of my favorites is AutoAcessoriesGarage.com. Why do I like it? Because it asks you several questions with quirky (and mostly accurate) answers to choose from and then provides a name based on your answers.

It turns out my vehicle should probably be dubbed Axel Rose. Or Van Gogh.