Month: February 2017

Commanding, sexy star of Super Bowl LI will leave you breathless

Awards have been bestowed. Records have been broken. It was definitely one for the history books as millions watched and held their breath. It was unpredictable and elusive. But it wasn’t about being the strongest or the most powerful. It was about grace, being fearless and staying true to who you are. A star was born during Super Bowl LI. I’m not talking about the … Read More

Sure to be a hit this Sunday: Tailbacks and tail wags

Can you believe it’s Super Bowl weekend already? Man, it seems like football season flew by faster than a pass from Matt Stafford. Whether Super Bowl LI finds you cheering for Atlanta or New England, there is always one part of the experience that brings both sides together. The 13th annual Puppy Bowl. You thought I was going to say the commercials, didn’t you? Well, … Read More

Perfect parallel parking IS possible

I cannot recall a downtown area of any city in which I’ve lived or to which I’ve traveled where there is a surplus of parking. At least not during peak hours, and certainly not near whatever office, store, restaurant or bar I was attempting to visit. Typically, to find parking, you have two choices – Make your way up and up and up in the … Read More

It only gets better with age

Most of the time when I get into a rental car, or any other vehicle other than mine, I have a process. I get in and set up the seat and the mirrors. I look around at where the important stuff is like windshield wipers, headlights, shifter and start button/keyhole. With the important, navigational stuff out of the way, I switch gears and get to … Read More