Month: February 2018

Ram 1500, shining star of DFW Auto Show

A thing of beauty. That’s how one might describe the 2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star edition. The Texas-exclusive pickup took center stage when it was unveiled over the weekend at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas during the annual DFW Auto Show. FCA US LLC vehicles consistently have an impressive showing at the auto show and Ram is a big part of that attraction. Not only is February (one could stretch it to the whole year) considered by many to be “Truck Month,” Texans in general love their pickups, and this Ram is all about embracing the spirit of the Lone Star State. Included in the 2019 version are 18” aluminum wheels, bright grille surround with billet inserts, chrome front and rear bumpers, 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine and fog lamps According to Mike Manley, Head of Ram Brand, “The hard-working appeal of the Ram Lone Star has made it a favorite among Texas truck buyers. Trucks are an important part of Texas life, and Ram trucks are proven to last. Ram’s long-lasting reliability has helped the Ram 1500 cement the highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup.” At previous auto shows in Dallas and around the country, Ram has had other notable versions of their vehicles on display. In 2015, for example, they introduced a special Texas Rangers concept … Read More

Why garage safety should be on your to-do list too

If I said the word “garage,” what does it bring to mind? Probably something to do with your vehicle. Maybe storage? For some, maybe the luxury of a workshop area. Garage safety was not likely something that ever entered even the back recesses of your mind. Mine either. Until a few months back when, in doing the very mundane task of taking the recycling out to sort it, I missed a step and found myself face-to-floor with a very hard and cold slab of concrete. Eight stiches to my face and one broken knee cap later and I have a whole new respect for making our home a safer place for the entire family. Luckily, just a few simple safety checks can help make your garage a safer place for you, your family and your vehicles. For starters, garages tend to be the first place we go when it comes to our storage needs. But excess clutter can lead to accidents. Things like tools, ladders and sports equipment should be properly stored to prevent tripping hazards and/or the antics of curious toddlers. The last thing you want to do is have your arms full of groceries and trip over an abandoned bike. Automatic garage door openers are commonplace these days, and ensuring they are working properly is essential. One important … Read More

A Super Bowl of super FCA US LLC ads

Controversy. It wouldn’t be a modern-day Super Bowl if some of the ads didn’t strike a chord and cause some kind of controversy. But let’s talk about that. It’s the Super Bowl – the largest audience that any advertiser will have at any given time throughout the calendar year. One 30-second spot is premium ad space (at a premium price), so digging deep, pushing the envelope and making people remember yours, out of the dozens of other ads that aired – isn’t that the goal? Some companies do it with humor. (Thank you Tide®.) Some companies do it by pulling at our heartstrings. Some use puppies. (Y’all missed the Budweiser pup, admit it.) In any case, those that are still talked about the morning following the game, are the brands who have succeeded. Traditionally, FCA US LLC has three Super Bowl spots. Traditionally, they were epic, movie-like commercials that drew you in and made you want more. Traditionally, they were awesome. This year, FCA US LLC announced they would air five ads during Super Bowl LII. When I read that, I thought surely it must be an error. And so I watched. Ram’s Icelandic Vikings was funny. (The long version is even better.) For a moment, I felt a little sorry for my cousins, who are all Minnesota Vikings fans, … Read More