Patriotic ads from FCA US LLC in celebration of July 4

There are few better days to be patriotic than the Fourth of July.

Barbeque. Hot dogs. Burgers. Corn on the cob.

Wait a minute, I’m just listing off foods, aren’t I?

Of course the day goes far beyond what we put on our grill. The Fourth of July provides a day to have fun in the sun, create lasting memories with family and friends and, most importantly, honor and celebrate the men and women who fought to gain and protect our nation’s independence.

Indeed this fine day brings ample opportunity for people to show off their patriotism. But showing patriotism goes beyond just wearing jean shorts or American flag swim trunks. There are various characteristics and traits that bring out what’s best about the U-S of A.

We pulled from Dodge, Jeep® and Ram brands to put those patriotic qualities on display in celebration of Independence Day.

Dodge brand – “Welcome to Muscleville”


Every day feels like a Fourth of July celebration in Muscleville.

Strong, powerful, and a whole lot of fun, Dodge brand brings the fireworks across its series of Chargers. While no one should even try to attempt the stunts being pulled off in this video, getting behind the wheel of one of these sport cars can be as exhilarating as a party on July 4.


Jeep® brand – “Bloodline”

From its World War II origins, Jeep® brand’s history has been built on pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry.

Across its entire line of vehicles, from the Jeep Grand Cherokee to the new Jeep Gladiator, these trucks and SUVs redefine the meaning of adventure.

Ram brand – “God Made a Farmer”

I couldn’t have an American-themed post without using the famous “God Made a Farmer” ad from Ram brand.

Hard work and determination define the blue-collar farmers across the country through the gritty Ram 1500 and Heavy Duty pickup trucks.

Watching this has me with my hand over my heart and saluting the U.S. flag.

From all of us at Chrysler Capital, have a happy and wonderful Independence Day.