Month: March 2017

When it comes to excuses for speeding, creativity is key

Do you recall your first traffic ticket? Whether for speeding or some other offense, you likely watched the officer approach your vehicle, all the while wondering if you had any chance of getting off with only a warning. How many potential excuses ran through your mind during those fleeting moments? Ten? Twenty? It’s amazing how creative we can become when we have to, isn’t it? … Read More

What do you mean AWD and 4WD are not the same?

It’s a common myth that all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) are the same. Shoppers, as well as some sales associates, use the terms interchangeably for what are, actually, two different systems. The mechanical differences between AWD and 4WD are significant, and most would consider them complicated. I prefer to keep things nice and easy. That’s why I’ve found, in most instances, it’s better … Read More