Month: March 2017

Life is better in a convertible

My dad once told me that everyone should own a convertible at least once in their lifetime. Why? Because life is better in a convertible. Let’s think about that. First, when was the last time you ever saw an unhappy person driving a convertible. That’s right. Never. Next, consider your daily/weekly routine. How much fun are the errands you run each week? While necessary, running … Read More

707 HP in a convertible? You must be plum crazy.

We all have dreams. For some, it’s the perfect (for them) house. For others, it’s THE car. For Jay Campana, dealer principal for Vero Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Vero Beach, Florida, it was a 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat convertible. That’s right – I said a Challenger SRT Hellcat convertible. A vehicle that, for all practical purposes, does not exist, as Dodge does … Read More

The DFW Auto Show is going on now!

For the first time since I can remember, I’m not going to the Dallas Auto Show. The 1,800-mile commute is a bit too far, but others who have not had the opportunity to go, I know exactly what I’m missing – it’s an auto show like none other I’ve ever attended. First, it’s huge. There are hundreds of vehicles to peruse. In previous years, I’ve … Read More

All-new 2017 Jeep® Compass hits the mark with a whole new direction

When someone mentions the Jeep® brand, the first image to come to mind is, naturally, the Jeep Wrangler. After all, it’s the original wind-in-your-hair, sun-on-your-face, go-everywhere vehicle that oozes iconic American history. As the most awarded SUV brand ever (per the Jeep lineup has many more options for Jeep lovers, young and old alike. Of course, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has great family appeal. … Read More

Pothole problems are a positively unpleasant part of spring

According to the calendar, spring is here. Some of the best parts about spring include blossoming trees, longer, warmer days, the start of the professional baseball season and, of course, who could forget spring break? But, along with the good comes the bad – allergies, bugs, the never-ending mud you get when the snow melts and spring rains begin and, of course, the dreaded spring … Read More

The making of a motor head

  I’m pretty sure every child goes through a fascinated-with-motorized-things phase. Even if it’s just the color of cars and trucks they see on the road, there is some level of interest. Our daughter went through a yellow-vehicle phase where we found ourselves trying to be the first to call one out by yelling, “Skittle!” (Her game, her rules.) This happened every time we were … Read More

Enjoy a spring break that doesn’t break the bank

Spring break is right around the bend. While enjoying the sand and sun at an exotic beach location or hitting the slopes at a popular ski resort may sound appealing, such options are not financially feasible for everyone. Especially if you happen to be broke (or simply thrifty) and on a budget. Being on a budget, however, does not mean that a memorable spring break … Read More

Is 200,000 the new 100,000?

Vehicles are lasting longer these days. How much longer? Well, that depends on a variety of factors, but in 2016, the average age of light vehicles in operation on the roads increased to 11.6 years, according to IHS Markit. When I bought my Ram 1500 a few months back, I did so with the intention of driving it “until the wheels fall off,” as the … Read More