Month: April 2017

The forgotten Dodge

When you hear the phrase “the forgotten Dodge,” your mind may wander to the Challengers of the 1970s or the SuperBee or even the Coronet. Dodge tends to invoke images of muscle cars, old and new. But how often, upon utterance of the name Dodge, do you envision a three-row SUV? The Durango has been around since model year 1997 and is currently outselling many of its competitors, like the Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon. So, while it may not be the first Dodge vehicle to come to mind, it is holding its own in the marketplace. What is it, though, that makes the Dodge Durango such a strong force in the three-row SUV category? According to industry experts, it is the unique compilation of what Dodge is best known for – bold muscle – paired with the comfort and space you’d expect from a large SUV. Referring to the Durango as “the bad boy of the SUV world,” Car and Driver said, “Its muscle-car attitude, intuitive infotainment system and refined interior make it a compelling choice, but the Durango’s high towing capacity, large cargo hold and available third row of seats make it a practical option too. No other crossover blends family friendliness and truck-like usability better than the big Dodge.” agrees with this assessment, saying, “The 2017 … Read More

Will my daughter even need to learn how to drive?

We frequently talk about teaching our daughter how to drive. She’s 10, so the reality of that is still a few years off (thank goodness!), but I recently found myself wondering how necessary it would be for her to learn this skill? Of course, much of that will likely depend on what she decides to do and where she decides to live. I’ve lived in some U.S. cities where mass transit was such that owning a car was completely unnecessary. Add to that, many downtown areas have everything you need within a walkable radius. For urbanites who do own a vehicle, paying to park and/or losing a parking space when they leave and having to search for another upon return can be expensive and time consuming. These days, when I visit places like Chicago, Philadelphia or Seattle, I get a temporary CTA, SEPTA or ORCA pass rather than a rental car. I can easily get everywhere I need and/or want to go and I don’t have to worry about navigating traffic in unfamiliar areas or finding parking in otherwise crowded places. If I find it necessary to reach my destination at a time that isn’t conducive to the train and/or bus schedule, there is always Uber, Lyft or any of the other up and coming ride sharing apps. Then, of … Read More

Hot today. Cool tomorrow. Why three FCA US cars will still be on your wish list for years to come.

What makes a car cool? Is it speed? A recognizable exhaust note? Hood scoops? You? However you define it, there are a few vehicles that, as time goes by, never lose their cool factor. In fact, it could be argued that, while their vehicle value may depreciate over time, the cool factor that goes with owning one makes it more valuable than ever. According to Autoblog, three FCA US vehicles have what it takes to never go out of style. Described by Autoblog as “the purest and prettiest sports car on the market,” the 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C is inarguably an Italian beauty. A sleek 2,465 pounds, it makes no apologies for what some might consider bad manners. Instead, it boasts character and style that at the very least invoke a cool factor that nary a few could match. Invoking a passion for driving and creating a connection with the road, the 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C is likely to be on a significant number of wish lists in 2027 and beyond. Not to be left in the dust by its sassy little sibling, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is also one to watch for many years to come. According to Autoblog editors, “If you want timeless, you buy the Quadrifoglio, which means four-leaf clover in Italian. In Car Guy … Read More