Month: April 2017

A recipe for paying off your auto loan early

A good recipe always starts with two things – good ingredients and solid prep work. Don’t believe me? Ask a professional chef. The recipe for paying off your vehicle is not all that different. Let’s start with the ingredients. You will need: Your monthly payment amount Your monthly payment due date The funds to make your payment on or before the due date A payment … Read More

School drop-off and pickup – three rules to live by

I used to listen to my friends with kids talk about the school drop-off lane and laugh. Sometimes their frustration with other parents in the line was the basis for some pretty funny stories. Sometimes it was the source of their morning stress. Sometimes, my friends were the source of others’ morning frustration. Now, with nearly a full school year of drop-off and pickup lane … Read More

Five apps this road-tripper won’t travel without

Y’all know I love a road trip. Whether heading out to visit family in Iowa, moving across the country or just cruising to explore local fare, we love to load everyone in the truck and explore what the countryside has to offer. When I was younger, I remember hearing the phrase, “Let’s see where this road takes us,” from the front seat and an immediate … Read More

Just another award-winning vehicle by Chrysler

The 2017 all-new Chrysler Pacifica is quickly racking up a shelf full of awards. It seems like every time I turn around, another one pops up on my screen. I’m sure, however, when I tell you the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was awarded Crossover-SUV of the Year by the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press, you will have the same thought I did. Huh? I mean, the Chrysler … Read More

April is car-care month!

Are you planning on keeping your car a long time? Or are you thinking you might trade it soon – maybe within the next six to 12 months? Whether prolonging the life of your vehicle or protecting its value to ensure you get the best possible offer when it comes time to sell or trade, taking good care of your vehicle just makes sense. Dollars … Read More

Semi-retired science teacher wins big

Every spring, I anxiously await the FCA US LLC National Sweepstakes winner announcement. This year, it felt like it was never going to get here and then, suddenly my email lit up like the Fourth of July. (Not really, but the excitement was real.) As I opened the press release, I couldn’t help but think back to last year, when Kevin Arias, an Oswego, Illinois, … Read More

You’ll be talkin’ a blue streak about these sublime options

We all like to have options, right? Whether it’s a choice of what to have for dinner tonight or what color hair you’ll be sporting tomorrow, it’s always nice to know you have options. This said, Ram trucks just added two more options to the Ram 1500 lineup color palette. The first out of the gate is a head-turning, audacious Ram 1500 Sublime Sport. This … Read More

Poking holes in conventional thought

Gone are the days of conventional wisdom in the automotive industry. Now, it’s not about bigger, better, faster so much as it is about smarter. In January 2015, Forbes contributor Karl Brauer published Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020. His article included some predictions that, at the time, may have seemed bold for a five-year forecast, but as we approach the halfway mark, I … Read More