Month: August 2017

The hits keep coming for Chrysler Pacifica and Jeep® Grand Cherokee

Think about your own vehicle. Whether you love it or are just waiting to trade up, there is probably something you would add, update or otherwise change about it, right? You are not alone. But if you are the owner of either a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica or a 2017 Jeep® Grand Cherokee, it’s likely those wanted changes are minor. “Even the most satisfied owner would … Read More

Private sounds positively perfect – or does it?

When you’re out driving around, how often do you think about the road on which you’re actually driving? As long as the weather is clear, snow isn’t in the forecast and there isn’t an obstruction blocking your path, there really isn’t anything to consider. Or is there? Until recently, outside of complaining about the potholes on I-35 (really, if you’ve EVER driven through Dallas you … Read More

Both feet on the floor at all times, please

If we’re taking a long road trip (sometimes even a short one) I will typically kick off my shoes and make myself comfortable in the passenger seat. This generally includes leaning back with my feet on the dashboard. My daughter does the same thing. Judging strictly from random glances at others along the highway, we are not alone. Recently, however, a friend pointed out why … Read More

9 reasons why Jeep® Wrangler is the ultimate all-season vehicle

There is the wave. The tire covers. And the go-anywhere, do-anything, free-spirited outlook on life. But outside of that, what makes being the owner of a Jeep® Wrangler so awesome? In truth, the reasons are too numerous to count. While undoubtedly Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate summer vehicle, a quick look at all four seasons proves that the Wrangler is a great vehicle all year … Read More

There is still time to make some lasting memories this summer

Remember the old “how I spent my summer vacation” essays from grade school? These days, I’m afraid mine would be pretty boring. Gone are the days of rushing to get my morning chores out of the way so I could spend the afternoon with my friends at the pool. Or riding bikes. Or whatever other kind of adventure we found interesting on any given day. … Read More

Kango and Chrysler create one-of-a-kind partnership

If you are like most parents, your kids’ activities keep you on-the-go. We only have one at home, but she still manages to keep both of us busy. Have you ever found yourself wishing that there was a kid’s version of Uber or Lyft? You know – a safe way for your kids to get from point A to point B while you finish up … Read More

Sleep peacefully under the stars with Skycamp

When you think of the roof of your vehicle, you may think open air, sunshine and freedom. Or extra cargo space. Have you ever looked at the roof of your vehicle and thought to yourself, “Self, that looks like some mighty comfy sleeping accommodations right there.” No? Me either. But Soon Park did. Inspiration fueled by authors Jack Kerouac (On the Road) and Mary Pope … Read More