Month: December 2016

Another look at The Road Ahead

New Year’s Day is right around the corner. Have you made your resolution(s) yet? Are you debating about sticking with the same old thing or choosing a more unique goal? If you’re contemplating something a bit more original, allow me to recommend reading your favorite Chrysler Capital blog on a more regular basis. Or, just revisit some of your old favorites. For example, Is your … Read More

Teasing fans with the Fate of the Furious trailer

It’s been just over 20 months since I sat down for a Fast & Furious marathon, before going to see Furious7 on its opening weekend. Time flies faster than Dom’s Challenger falling through the air when he drove out the back of the airplane. Just this month, the trailer for Fast & Furious 8 (yes, 8) was released. With well over six million views in … Read More

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is electrifyingly impressive

Brand new hybrid-edition Chrysler Pacificas are rolling off the line. In fact, the first-ever electric minivan rolled off the assembly line on December 1, 2016. Less than two weeks later, the technology that makes the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid the most efficient minivan available in today’s market is getting a lot of attention and rave reviews. “We were wowed by the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid’s seamless operation,” … Read More

In the spirit of the holidays …

In a few days, my family will head out to Iowa to spend Christmas with my parents. It’s roughly a 22-hour road trip. With two 70-pound dogs, a cat and a 10-year-old. I’m pretty sure my husband and I have lost our minds. These are the things, though, we do to be with family. Besides, I love going home for the holidays and I almost … Read More

Don’t forget the most important person on your list this year

During this frenzied time of gift-buying, it can be easy to overlook the one person who should be on your list and probably isn’t – YOU, of course! What are you hoping for this year? Maybe something bright and shiny? A bit of sparkle is always nice to look forward to during the holiday season and the FCA brand vehicle lineup has just the thing … Read More

Some things simply belong together

Some things are a natural pairing. Peas and carrots, for example. Or shoes and socks. Or pizza and beer. In the classic automotive world, there couldn’t be a more natural pairing than Dodge and Mecum, explaining why Dodge is now the exclusive automotive sponsor of Mecum Auctions. “Mecum has long been recognized for being the auction of choice for selling premium American muscle cars, with … Read More

Don’t break down just because your vehicle does

Vehicle breakdowns are the worst. I’ve heard people say, “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” which calls to question, is there ever really a good time for your vehicle to break down? And, let’s face it, winter breakdowns are the worst of the worst. Regardless of when and why, breakdowns happen. Rarely are you prepared for such an occurrence. When you do find … Read More

Dodge Challenger is about to hit a whole new level of BEAST

One of the best parts about muscle cars is the roar of engine. One of the not-so-great parts about muscle cars is that, when snow and ice hit, navigating a rear-wheel-drive powerhouse is, well, challenging. Enough so that many owners choose to garage their pride and joy for the winter months and drive something that is more suitable to the conditions. But no longer! Dodge … Read More