Month: January 2017

Long live thought-provoking, relevant commercials

If you’re a fan of Anderson East, you’re probably familiar with his gritty, raspy, soulful style. If you’re a fan of and follow Miranda Lambert, you may know Anderson East as her current boyfriend. If you’re a football fan who watched the NFL playoff games, you likely heard East’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s classic “Forever Young.” Perhaps slightly better known for being the beau of … Read More

How are YOU utilizing this year’s tax refund?

It’s tax season and according to, the average refund for 2016 (as of December 2016) is $2,993. If you’re receiving a refund this year, have you already planned what you’re doing with the money? Realistically, there are two paths from which to choose – practical or fun. But why does it have to be an “or”? Spending your hard-earned refund can be both! Take, … Read More

Has your relationship with your vehicle lost a certain spark?

When was the last time you changed, cleaned or checked the spark plugs in your vehicle? When was the last time you THOUGHT about the spark plugs in your vehicle? Do you know what a spark plug is? Simply put, spark plugs are the pieces that supply the spark (shocking, I know) that then ignite the combination of fuel and air in the cylinder’s combustion … Read More

Insert coin for your next … car?

Vending machines – the delightful (or evil, depending on your perspective), big box in your break room that, in exchange for some loose change, a dollar bill (or two) or a swipe of your card, will produce delicious, albeit not generally nutritious, snacks. In the last several years, other products have joined the ranks of candy bars and chips. From gadgets to umbrellas to cars, … Read More

Don’t fret over an increase in estimated gas prices

At $2.29 per gallon on New Year’s Day, 2017 kicked off with a $0.29 hike over New Year’s Day 2016. And much ado was made when, just last week the national average reached the highest it’s been since June 2016, at $2.37. Regardless of the recent upward trend, we are still paying significantly less than just three years ago, when on New Year’s Day 2014 … Read More

Take charge of your vehicle battery’s longevity

It happens. That dreaded day when you go out to your vehicle, turn the key and … nothing. Whether it’s because you left your lights on last night, or simply because the battery is old, your vehicle doesn’t have the energy required to start, let alone keep running. The silence is deafening as you realize you’re going to be late. Can you prevent a battery … Read More

Rocking your way out of a jam

Inevitably, at some point in your driving career, you will get stuck. It happens to the best of us and when it does, there are some simple solutions you can try to get back on the road. Do you know how to “rock” your car? No, this is not in reference to turning up the music and car dancing at the stoplight. Rocking your car … Read More

FCA US shares their bright idea for nighttime shoppers

If you’re shopping for your next car online, you’ve likely browsed various sites whenever you have a free moment. (Or, perhaps more accurately, whenever the boss isn’t looking.) So, let’s say you’ve completed your research and have narrowed the search to three that have held your interest. What’s next? The test drive, of course! But you can’t do that online. Work and family may dictate … Read More

Because your car deserves the very best

For most, buying a car is one of the most expensive investments you can make during your lifetime. Whether leasing, financing or purchasing it outright, your car is a long-term investment, deserving of the best possible care. When you’re on a tight budget, investing in the regular maintenance of your vehicle can be overwhelming. Even seemingly impossible. But when you weigh the potential negative outcomes … Read More

Dashing through the snow

In the last two weeks of 2016, we put more miles on our Ram 1500 Sport than we did in the prior two months of owning it. Our annual trip to Iowa is nearly 1,500 miles, one way and this year proved to be quite a challenge. It started off uneventful enough. The biggest decision we had to make on the way there (other than … Read More